Windows 8.1 Phones Officially Dead, What it Means for Windows Phone Users?

If you had chosen an Android phone over a Windows phone three years ago, you should be thankful for your decisions.

And the people who purchased the Windows phone, and are not planning to switch to Android. Bad news for you as Microsoft officially ends support for its Windows Phone 8.1 the OS that powered last of the Windows Smartphones.

The company was very optimistic regarding its Mobile OS that is actually going ahead and bought Nokia Mobile Manufacturing unit for over 8 Billion Dollars in 2013.

But it continued making Windows phones for just another 3 years. It’s been more than a year it has not launched any Smartphone yet.

And there are no plans to even launch one yet as the company is busy in re thinking and restructuring its Mobile unit.

Obviously, this move does not come as a surprise, the Mobile segment of Microsoft was on the decline already.

Even Tom Warren, the Windows expert writer from the Verge, had written about the decline and non-existence of the Windows Phone at the start of 2006.

And more than a year later, it’s Officially Dead

If you own a Windows Smartphone, you will still be able to use your phone, but do not expect to get any software update from Microsoft now. it will be in the same state until the time it dies.

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Or perhaps, Microsoft will bring something new to the table.

Microsoft retiring Windows Phone does not mean it is saying Goodbye to the Mobile market.

It will probably be back with some Mobile device that is more streamlined with their recent lineup of Surface Hybrid Laptops


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