Xiaomi Brings Dual Camera Setup and Snapdragon 625 to Under Rs 10k Phone with Redmi Y2

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The Redmi Y series from xiaomi is a selfie centric phone, and the first generation of it was launched last year, and the second generation of the Redmi Y series the xiaomi Redmi Y2 has been launched in India.

It has got the dual camera setup and Snapdragon 625 processor under Rs 10000 Smartphones.

It’s actually the Xiaomi Redmi S2 smartphone that was launched in China and has been rebranded as Xiaomi Redmi Y2.

And bringing down amazing specs with this service Android smartphone, Xiaomi is trying to leave no room for the competitors to win its Crown of a budget smartphone king.

It is Xiaomi phone that has got a grip in the Indian smartphone market with super value to the money smartphones in each price segment.

  • They have got the Redmi A series for just Rs 6000, then
  • they have the Redmi series, and then
  • they have the Redmi Note series.

This year they added one more series, that is Redmi Note Pro, with the launch of Redmi Note 5 Pro. Last year they had added selfie-centric smartphone series with Redmi Y.

How Different Redmi Y2 is from Redmi 5

With so many different category of Smartphones it is often tough for companies to differentiate between their products, which the companies don’t want because they do not want to confuse the consumers when it comes to buying a smartphone. This is why there is a difference between all the Xiaomi phones.

Even though the pricing of both the Redmi series and the Redmi Y series is pretty much similar there is a bit of difference between the two phones.

Apart from the size of the smartphone, there are difference is like a bump up the front camera in the Redmi Y series because, obviously it’s a selfie smartphone.

The Redmi series have a little smaller screen size, they used to be 5-inch smartphone prior to the 18:9 aspect ratio become common, and now the Redmi series has a screen size of 5.7 inch, which is the case with the Redmi 5.

The Redmi Y, on the other hand, share the screen size with their Redmi Note series, alladista I have 5.5 inch screen size now with the new aspect ratio the screen size is 6 inches.

How different Redmi Y2 is from the Redmi Note 5?

Now we have differentiated it from the Redmi series specifically the Redmi 5, so how different it is from the Redmi note 5, when both the series share similar screen size as well as the similar processor of Snapdragon 625.

And the answer is,

  • A bump up front camera
  • A dual camera setup at the back
  • And face unlock

The third feature, the face unlock, can we post to the Redmi Note 5 why are software update, but I highly doubt that xiaomi is going to do that if it wants to why did the difference between the Redmi Note series and Redmi Y series.

Oppo RealMe 1 vs xiaomi Redmi Y2

We have recently seen another smartphone manufacturer that has come up with an amazing smartphone which offers impressive specifications, which is probably the best under Rs 10000 segment.

The base variant of the realMe 1 retails at Rs 8990. Which is Rs 1000 cheaper than the Redmi Y2.

So, in some scenarios, the Xiaomi Redmi Y2 would be a better choice since it has a dual camera setup and a 16 megapixel front camera but the Oppo RealMe offers quite a different looking smartphone and is also Rs 1000 cheaper.

We have done a detailed comparison between RealMe 1 and Redmi Y2 , you can click on the link to read it.

It would be known as Budget Redmi Note 5 Pro

Now we have talked about how different it is from the Redmi series as well as Redmi Note series, with improvements in the camera department, the features are borrowed from the Redmi Note 5 Pro, which is priced at Rs 14999.

So, the Redmi why to could also be considered as a budget Redmi Note 5 Pro does it has all the three things which differentiates the Redmi note 5 Pro from the Redmi note 5.

And that is,

  • A bump up front camera,
  • A dual camera setup at the back,
  • And face unlock.

There are two variants of the Redmi Y2 that will go on sale on Amazon India, this will not be flash sales so you can buy them anytime you want, at least this is what Xioami ensures.

The 3GB Ram and 32GB internal storage variant will cost Rs 9999
The 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage variant will cost Rs 12999

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