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Xiaomi Redmi 4 is the Best Budget Smartphone Under Rs 10,000/-

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Xiaomi Launched Redmi 4, the successor of last year’s very popular Redmi 3S Prime. Priced as aggressively as the last year with improvements on the specs, design and inclusion of the fingerprint sensor in the base model, which was missing in the Xiaomi Redmi 3S last year.

Should you consider buying this phone? undoubtedly yes, but if your budget is tight and the options include Xiaomi own Redmi 4A, you might want to read further to clear the air.

When we talk about the budget segment of Smartphones, Xiaomi has always been the leader, at least in the last three years of its operations in India.

Started with the Xiaomi Mi3, which brought amazing specs to a smartphone priced at Rs 15000, they further raised the bar even higher with their launch of budget smartphones under Rs 10000, like the Redmi and the Redmi Note series.

While Redmi Note features a little high spec under a 5.5-inch body, the Redmi series perfectly targeted the first time smartphones owners with a (still best in its range) with a 5-inch phone, improvement from Redmi 1S (launched in May 2014) to Redmi 4 (Launched in May 2017) has been consistent over time.

From Chipset to Storage, to RAM, to Design, everything has got an upgrade keeping the price same. The only difference, Xiaomi now brings different variants, mainly increasing the Storage and RAM and some add-on features like the Fingerprint sensor.

This time, however, with Xiaomi Redmi 4, xiaomi has included the fingerprint sensor in the base model, which starts from Rs 6999/- (2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage).

Offering an improved phone at the same price means Xiaomi could offer a slightly downgraded phone at a slightly lesser price for those budget oriented users who are on a tight budget to buy a smartphone. This is exactly what they did with the launch of their Redmi 4A at Rs 5999/

We compared the phone with other phones available at the same price and Redmi 4A is the clear winner.

But if you want to choose between the Redmi 4A (Rs 5999) and Redmi 4 (Rs 6999), my recommendation would be the Redmi 4 at Rs 6999 since you will be getting much more for your extra Rs 1000 spend.

Even though the Xiaomi Redmi 4 came just a few months after Redmi 3S or 3S Prime, it saw some huge improvements in the design, which is now more premium since the look and feel is borrowed from the Redmi Note 4.

Another jump of Rs 2000 in Redmi 4, which gives you an upgrade on the RAM and Storage, might not bring that value, but if you like Gaming and want to use your smartphone extensively, like 8-10 hours every day, the upgrade is a must for a smoother experience.

Unfortunately, the upgrades do not bring a better processor, and you get a Snapdragon 435 chipset in all the variants, which is the only factor that will keep me buying this smartphone.

But I can recommend the Redmi 4 to those who were looking to buy –

  • the best phone under Rs 8000/-,
  • the Redmi 4A, or,
  • the Redmi 3S Prime.

My guess is, Xiaomi will soon be launching the Redmi 4 Prime with Snapdragon 625 chipset and other improvements so that people will have a choice of choosing a Smartphone based on the size (5-inch in this case) keeping rest of the specs similar. 

We will then have a 5-inch Redmi 4, 5.5-inch Redmi Note 4 and a 6.4 inch Mi Max running on a slighly better processor to choose from. 


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