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Xiaomi Redmi 5 vs Redmi 4, what changes does the Redmi 5 bring over last year’s Redmi 4

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Its been a few weeks Xiaomi launched the next Redmi phone the Redmi 5 in India, it is available in three different variants, the base model (16GB/2GB RAM) is priced at Rs 7999, the 32GB/ 3GB Ram variant is priced at Rs 9999, and the higher variant with 64GB storage /4 GB RAM is priced at Rs 10999.

Now, for the middle variant and the higher variant, the price is same for the two variants of Redmi 4 which was launched last year. It’s just at the base variant where the price difference Rs 1000 as the Redmi 4 was priced at Rs 6999.

So the question for this article is What are the differences between both the phones and what else Xiaomi has brought to the table.

This is just an informative article so that you know what all has changed in the newer version of the Redmi 5. It’s obvious that you should buy the latest phone, especially when the price is same, and waiting for their flash sales is totally worth it.

So what is really different between Redmi 5 and Redmi 4.

Physical changes between the phones

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 had5-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio display, and with the Redmi 5. Xiaomi brought a 5.7-inch screen with the trending 18:9 aspect ratio. And with the navigation buttons are also now on-screen.

Despite a larger screen (about more than half an inch) the footprint of Redmi note 5 isn’t drastically huge in comparison to Redmi 4, in fact, it is 11% slimmer than Redmi 4 with just 7.7 mm thickness.

Which means that you get more screen real estate and the phone is still easy to hold. The design sense of Redmi phones is pretty much the same, so if you turn them backside there isn’t much to differentiate between both the phones

Internal changes between the phone

Now, we mentioned above that the Redmi 5 is 11% slimmer, which was possible by putting a smaller battery in comparison to the Redmi 4.

While the Redmi 4 had 4100mAh, the Redmi 5 has got 3300mAh. But since the Redmi 5 uses a new processor which is Snapdragon 450.

It’s the latest chipset from the 400 series and is said to be battery efficient with improvements in performance, which means the battery backup would be pretty much similar to the Redmi 4 even with the smaller battery.

So, for those who think a smaller battery would give less time, it is not true. But I would personally have appreciated more battery backup than Redmi 4 rather than making the phone 11% slimmer.

Apart from a smaller battery and a new processor, the Redmi 5 also gets some improvement in the Camera department as well, the camera performs better in low light conditions and some other improvements.

Rest of the things between Redmi 5 and Redmi 4 are pretty much the same.

To wrap it up, it’s all about the new kind of display that covers the entire front area. Honestly, at this price point, one cannot expect a huge difference is between the generations of Smartphones. Redmi 4, in fact, is the best smartphone that you can purchase under Rs 9000.

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