You can use your Body Heat to Mine Cryptocurrency


Did you know that you can actually mine Cryptocurrency coings from your body heat?

Well, that was a first for me when I read it.

From the last few weeks, the the word cryptocurrency has been a buzzword. Even the Google Trends agress to it.

And as I did an explainer post about the Bitcoins, My research of the keyword made Google believe I might be interested in more content realted to it, and it fills me up with every damn news that’s even remotely related to it.

So, coming back to the topic of this article, Mining Cryptocurrency with body heat?

Biology helps youy body make babies,

Technology helps your body to make money.

An Organization named Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO) is making efforts to convert heat of human bodies into energy that can be used for mining cyrptocurrency.

Apparantely it’s not the only research they have been involved in. From different researches aiming to use human body to convert one form of energy into another, a body suid equipped with thermoelectric generators that will convert the body heat into electricity, is one of their most interesting projects.

So how will the body heat be used for mining the cryptocurrency.

Well, indirectly, the human body willl only provide the electricity used by the computer for the mining process, which means a highly effecient computer would still be required.

As per the research data, a human body radiates 100 watts of excess heat at rest. After capturing this heat, the converted electricity was fed into a computer that mines cryptocurrency. After involving 37 workers who worked for 212 hours, 127,210 milliwatts were harvested and 16,594 coins were produced.

Readers should note that these are not the Bitcoins, since it would take hours for super computers to mine even a single Bitcoin

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What do you think or this tech? does it even make sense?



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