Best Radio apps for Android to stream music whenever you want

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Maybe you have FM radio built into your Android smartphone, maybe you have on-demand streaming services installed on your phone.

Maybe you already have tons of music downloaded on your phone.

But the charm of radio can never be replaced, it’s not just about listening to the songs but having a company of someone (Radio in this case).

If the commute to your work takes a while, you can use the time by listening to Streaming radio.

Here is the list of some of the best online streaming radio apps that you can install on your Android phone

TuneIn radio

TuneIn radio has got over 100,000 radio stations along with millions on-demand programs and podcast from around the world.

Apart from listening to music and podcasts, you can also choose to listen to the news, sports, comedy programs, radio etc.

TuneIn radio also has got a car mode feature that changes the interface of the app suitable for you while you’re driving so that things can be operated in a single tap.

You can also launch it via Google Assistant command by simply saying OK Google listen to tune in.

TuneIn can also be used on Android wear devices Google Chromecast and Android TV.

Install on Android Device


iHeart Radio is a popular and probably the best radio apps for Android. The app offers 1000 radio stations along with a wide collection of the podcast.

You can also save songs on your device and replay them.
The app is free to use and comes unsupported, you can also opt for a monthly subscription for extra features.

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AccuRadio provides over 1000 radio channels that you can customize as per your choice. You can remove the songs and artists from the station.

While it does not offer in lord of features like the ability to cast it to Chromecast is not supported, apart from that the radio app does its job of providing a good radio music experience.

Install on Android Device

Pandora music

Music app is probably the most popular Radio apps available, it is the app that introduced the concept of playing random music based on the behavior of what song the listener is playing it actually helps the listeners in discovering new songs.

You can create your own stations by adding your favorite artist, music genre, even songs.

The app is ad supported but you can remove the ads by paying $4.99 per month or you can also opt for the Pandora premium which is $9.99 per month.

Install on Android Device

Gaana App

If you love Bollywood music, you can use the Gaana App on your phone to listen to music online.

The Gaana App has different radio stations based on genres, artists, and moods.

The app is ad supported but you can also get the premium version on a subscription basis, which will also give you the option to download the songs in higher quality and listen to them even in offline mode.

Install on Android Device

Radio Online

The name sounds generic but it is one of the more traditional apps that you can install on your phone. That has listed hundreds of various stations that cover all kind of content that is needed to stream whenever you want.

The app includes both internet-based radio stations as well as FM stations that support online streaming.

There is also a premium version which removes ads and adds more features like live radio recording and sleep timer and much more.

Install on Android Device

Your local radio app

If you want to listen to the am and FM radio stations from your city or country this app helps you do that as a lot of FM and am radio stations now also stream their music on the internet.

Perhaps they also have developed an app for the radio station, you can look it up in the Google Play Store and find the particular app to listen to music via the internet

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