How to Compress Images on A Mac

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There are various reasons why you want to compress images, it might be because you want to add an attachment and a dozen photos coming out straight from your DSLR camera would weigh a couple of hundred MBs.

Like I said that could be a number of reasons why you would want to do that. So in this article, we are going to tell you how you can compress images on a Mac.


Imagine is a cross-platform software for compressing images, and it is pretty efficiently on a Mac. In fact, it is one of the best options you have when it comes to compressive photos.

Either you want to compress a single image or you want to do it in bulk, the Imagine app is capable of doing both.

The best part about this app is, you can specify the Optimisation level separately for each image.

You can also Select the target format for the final optimised image, so you can also use this app for converting JPG photos into PNG or vice versa.

Download the Imagine app using the link below and install it on your Mac, since it is a DMG file downloaded from outside the app store, you will have to allow it from the security preferences of your Mac.

Once installed you can select an image to optimise, by going to the file area or simply dragging and dropping the image into the interface.

Download Imagine App


Optimage is another option you have at your fingertips. This Mac App will allow you to compress single or multiple images.

Once you have downloaded the app to your Mac you can simply drag and drop the images to optimise them.

The downside is you cannot select the custom Optimisation level for your images, as it will automatically decide the compression level based on the image.

Download the app from the link below then Move It to the application folder of your Mac to install it.

Open and start using the app to compress images, make sure you have a backup copy of the images since it will save changes to the original image picture

Download Optimage App 


ImageOptim is your another option to compress images on your Mac OS.

This app also works in a similar pattern as the two apps mentioned about.

You can compress images using Zopfli, PNGOUT, AdvPNG, PNGCrush, Guetzli, SVGCleaner, etc. You can enable these modules in this software and then optimize images on your MAC PC.

So these your three options to compress images on your Mac OS there might be many more but you can try other of them.

Download ImageOptim App

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