Now You Can Carry Your Computer in a Single Flash Drive Sized Stick

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It may sound hard to believe but the tech has gone this far, and  It may have been surprising when I wrote this post originally back in 2017, that Intel has made it possible.

Older information in this article has been replaced with relevant and new information about computer is that can fit into your pocket.

In 2021, which is almost about to end and we are going to enter in 2022, it does not at all seem impossible. In fact we have a lot of options these days, to carry e a powerful computer in our pockets.

Samsung Dex

Started off as an experiment and dedicated hardware, that could convert Smart TV into a full fledged computer, it has now evolved into something you carry with you everyday.

The Samsung flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series have got Samsung dex built right into the smartphone. All you have to do is enable it, and connect to a display, either with a cable or wirelessly (where both your smartphone and the display are on the same network).

It is powered by Android with some customisations by Samsung on top of it, to give you a desktop life experience.

So if you really serious about getting a computer with yourself, you can buy a Samsung Flagship instead.


Apple has also upgraded their iPads, by creating a more advanced iOS version for their tablet computers, it’s called iPad OS and it lets you do a lot of things that were limiting in iOS.

The Safari Browser lets you open websites in desktop mode, you can do that in Google Chrome Browser as well. And you can also get a detachable keyboard case either from Apple or from third party manufacturers that is usually one third of the price.

My recommendation will be go for the Logitech Keyboard case, which also comes with a small trackpad, giving you a more computer like experience in a tablet form factor.

Unfortunately, the browser still don’t match the browser is available on laptops, there is no plugin support, and it’s not going to be coming anytime soon because of the architecture of the iPad device, which is is closer to iOS than Mac OS.


Chrome tabs like the Lenovo Chromebook do it solve your problem of using a browser that supports extensions, in a tablet form factor.

In fact I have been using one from last one year. It’s incredibly amazing that a device, less than half the price of iPad Pro, full fledged Google Chrome browser with extension support in a similar form factor.

Learn more about Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Computer on a Stick

Unfortunately, the Samsung flagship smartphones are not in the affordable category. And if budget is an issue then you can go for the computer on a stick option, which is similar to what Intel has produced.

There are a lot of options available on Amazon, which you can check by clicking the link below.

Buy from Amazon

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