Now You Can Carry Your Computer in a Single Flash Drive Sized Stick

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It may sound hard to believe but the tech has gone this far, and Intel has made it possible.

They have put the entire Windows OS into an HDMI Stick which has a quad-core Atom CPU, 32 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM, in addition to a USB port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support, plus a mini-USB connector to power it.

Probably all the things you would normally need in a PC. And the specs are more than enough to make it the best travel machine which will take a tiny portion of your smallest pocket.

You can plug it into any HDMI TV (most of the TVs have HDMI these days) and start working.

You may need to buy a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo and you are good to go.

These HDMI sticks are available in both Windows 8.1 ($149) and Linux ($89) version so that you don’t have to work on Windows if you don’t want to.

Buy from

Buy from

While some people may argue if this can really be a practical machine to get the work done, frequent travelers would be more than happy to own something like this for their next tour.

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