I was never interested in Reading when I was a student. Ironically, I now find it tough to go to sleep without reading something on Moon Reader app on my Smartphone.

There is a never ending debate as to what type of reading is better, the good old Paperback or reading an eBook

Paperbacks have their charm, and nothing can beat the tangible feeling of a book from your favourite author. Not to mention the ‘no worries’ of the phone battery dying on you when it just starts getting interesting.

But, then the reason I prefer the e-Reader app for all my reading is the luxury of carrying my entire collection in my pocket, and that I am just a few taps away from reading them.

And there is one more reason I prefer an e-Reader. Which is an ability to read faster? that’s the point of this article. To be able to read any book faster.

What do you need to read a book faster?

  1. Moon Reader App (Play Store Link)
  2. The epub version of your favourite book.

The Moon Reader app is available in the play store, and it’s free. There is a feature which lets you listen to the Book added to it.

In my post about reading web articles faster, I mentioned that we tend to read faster when we hear the words. Moon Reader app lets you listen to the words and control the speed at which you listen.

The only struggle will be to find the ePub version of the Book you want to read, which you can Google it yourself, it’s easy to find.

Note: Moon Reader support many other book formats other than ePub, I’ve mentioned it because ePub is the most popular of all.