VPN Network Server – List of Types and How it Can Keep You Secure

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A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides each of us with security and privacy while using the web. Initially created as a means of sending chunks of data most reliably, security was not the internet’s prime consideration at the time.

The idea of networking globally, even solely around the country, was a new concept, with the system frequently failing. Designing communication techniques to maneuver around these failures was the approach as opposed to securing data, leaving users vulnerable to cybercriminals. 

In setting up VPN servers by country and locations, everything that a user sends is protected by private communications channels and entirely encrypted so that even if your data gets intercepted, no one can decipher the information.

These have proven to be powerful, but they are not without limitations. It’s essential to be still mindful of the information that you share online.

What Types OF VPNs Are Available?

Two main VPNs are available based on your particular usage. It’s critical to choose your service relating to where and how you will connect to the internet. There’s a significant difference between working from the privacy of your home and wanting to go to a favorite hangout to log on. One and the other will not work the same with a standard VPN server. There are two distinct types.


The LAN network is private and used in a single location such as a personal home, a college dorm building, or a corporation that comprises only one building. Many companies are not run merely from one single office location, however.

There are often geographically spread branches, divisions, as well as departments for which each offers its own LAN geographically connected under a corporate or ‘enterprise VPN.’

In signing on to an office network, the company IT department will provide a specific application to allow for a point-to-point connection from your local setup and one that is operated/owned by the corporation.

If this is a cloud-based business, you will log on to SaaS apps such as Google, making it wise to use a data center since there will be no connection to the company directly but rather a public cloud. The IT Department should identify a service to access the company cloud app.

When you use any app on a mobile device or computer, it will require a network connection in order to sign on with the service provider.

That means if you have your app automatically set up to launch upon booting, you will have time when your system is not secure while the VPN loads. It’s vital to check with corporate IT as to how they prefer things to be arranged rather than setting it up on your own. Learn how to set up with a server at WikiHow

Consumer VPN Service:

For anyone logging into the web out of a coffee shop or while staying in a hotel, or perhaps signing in to social media, checking email, going to shopping sites, you will use the consumer type. It ensures that public access is secure and private.

The service known as a SaaS or software-as-a-service offers a protected tunnel for your device regardless of whether it’s a tablet, phone, or laptop, and no matter from which location you’re working.

With this service, an app is provided for your local device to encrypt data that will travel to the secure server’s infrastructure, at which time it will be decrypted and sent to its destination.

In this scenario, an https connection ensures data encryption by the browser, and the service app further encrypts the information for an added layer of protection.

The data center then decrypts the service provider’s encryption when it’s received but leaves the initial browser protection intact to be sent on to the intended destination.

Whoever you are communicating with will not see the IP address from where the information is coming, but instead an address owned by the data center. You receive complete anonymity.

The receiver has the perception that your location could be in perhaps a country, other than from where you’re actually transmitting.

What Is A ‘Kill Switch’ And Is It A Necessary Feature?

If a Virtual Private Network connection were to fail, a ‘kill switch’ feature breaks your connection entirely to maintain your security and privacy. There are two types of these switches from which you can choose. 

First Kill Switch

This one runs in the client app. It will stop if the server fails while it’s running. If the failure is due to the client app crashing, the kill switch may not kick in, allowing for the IP and the included information to leak onto the web.

Second Kill Switch

A second version is available with the operating system. The claim is that these run even if the app is not running deemed as driver-level systems. They give an added, a higher level of protection aside from that of the service provider.

It could be a nuisance if your web were to go down frequently. Still, that annoyance saves from cybercriminals getting hold of vital information, making this feature an actual bonus when it comes time to selecting a potential client. 

Final Word

It’s critical to understand that no system, nothing anywhere is unhackable. Cybercriminals work hard to translate, interpret, and stay abreast of technology to break in and get the information they want.

That is why these virtual private network services, IT departments in the corporations, and individuals need to stay a step ahead of them. Read for more information on network servers.

Research the various providers to ensure that you get the most reputable, reliable, and trusted service for your specific needs.

Make sure to stay proactive even with the security and protection in place. You should never put highly sensitive information on the web, such as things that you are not willing to share with family. Again, hacking is a genuine possibility. You need to consider the type of information you may be providing to these people.

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