SpeechKeys Voice Typing Keyboard is the Best Alternative to Gboard for voice typing

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I have shared quite a lot of articles about how you can write faster using voice typing.

Although, voice typing is not just about writing articles, you can do a lot of things faster, such a just sending a message on WhatsApp, or writing an emails, or doing whatever that requires you messing around your keyboard.

When it comes to smartphones, voice typing is even more crucial, especially because of the tiny keyboard you get on smartphone.

If we talk about Androids specifically, Google makes voice typing easy by offering a voice typing keyboard, but it is worthless when you have to write longer paragraphs.

You are required to switch to your text keyboard to type punctuations, or going to the next line, or to start a paragraph.

The Gboard app addresses this and makes voice typing useful by putting the voice typing button on the keyboard itself, so that you don’t have to switch between voice typing.

However, in order to again to switch to voice typing, you have to tap on the mic icon appearing on top right.

It is a bit annoying to do this every time you have to add a special character or go to the next line.

If only there was a way we can keep voice typing turned on, and still add special characters, punctuations, and go to next line, the productivity can go to the next level.

This is where this new keyboard Speechkeys comes in handy.

It’s a keyboard app android smartphone that makes voice more efficient, even than the Gboard app.

Like the Gboard app, this app also places the voice typing icon on the right hand side, in fact it is mainly the voice keyboard which lets you type special characters, numbers and many other things.

When you switch to the alphabetical keyboard, it looks pretty much like the Gboard, but only with the difference that the voice typing does not get turned off by itself when you are typing the text.

It is so much convenient, because you do not have to activate it every time you type in the text.

And this keyboard does give you an easier option to switch to your main keyboard by placing on the bottom left hand side.

The second button from the bottom left lets you mininize the keyboard, but you still get to use the exclamation mark, the question mark, the space, the comma, the period, the backspace, and the enter key.

The ability to minimise the text keyboard is quite useful on a tiny screens of Smartphones because you get to work on an extra 30 % of the screen.

In order for this keyboard to work you need to have Google app installed which means this app uses Google for speech to text.

It shouldn’t bother you and mostly all the apps this feature use Google app.

The app is free to install and use, there is a premium version available can be bought for $3. But the free version works just fine.

I’m talking about its comparison with the Gboard app, this one is better for voice typing, but if you talk about an overall keyboard, Gboard is it clear winner. There is no prediction available, neither there is autocorrect. You can’t solely use it for text typing.

But, I think it will not be a fair comparison because this is mainly a speech to text aka voice typing keyboard give you options to type text to fix the voice typing output quickly, and it does its job well.

Uses the Google speech to text engine, languages available in Google app, are available with this app as well.

This I am just offers a way to keep the voice typing board turned on in this is basically why people would want to use it in place of the Gboard app.

Overall, it is a great app to type faster on your Android device and you can use it along with your main keyboard app since switching between the keyboards is easy.

Install the app from Android Play Store.

If you are looking for a similar solutions for voice typing on your computer, this article to enable voice typing in Google Chrome.

And by the way, post was written entirely on mobile phone using this app.

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