Apple Magic Trackpad 2 – Unboxing, Setup and Performance

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I have already written an article telling you why to buy the Apple magic trackpad is the worthy investment if you are looking to use an iMac or even the MacBook in clamshell mode.

And since I have used it enough, I am ready to share my experience with the Apple magic trackpad 2.

So, this is my review of the Apple Magic Trackpad 2

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What’s in the box?

Packaging of Apple magic trackpad 2 is pretty compact. In the box, you only get the Apple magic trackpad along with the lightning cable which can be used for charging it, which you have to do you once every two months or so if you keep it connected to your Mac via Bluetooth.

The charging cable is USB type a to lightning cable so thankfully you can use any existing charging adaptor you might have.

Apple magic trackpad 2 is available in two different colours. Is the usual white, and the other is space grey, which is a little pricier than the white one. My MacBook is also Space Grey. I got the space grey trackpad.

The best quality of the magic trackpad 2 is super-premium and is actually like the trackpad on a MacBook Pro. And it is even bigger than that, which is pretty helpful in using all the gestures you are used to when you used MacBooks.

The trackpad’s height is pretty minimal and is the same height as the Apple magic keyboard, so if you want to club it together, it will look pretty awesome. Sadly, Apple doesn’t make magic keyboard in space grey, so if you’re going to maintain a colour scheme on your desk, you should probably go for the white trackpad.

What I did is, I clubed it with the Logitech  K380 Keyboard ,which is less than half the price of the Apple magic keyboard which also allowed me to get Logitech Pebble mouse as well.

Setting it up with your Mac

In front of the trackpad, there is an on-off button slider. So when you slide it exposing the green colour, which means it is turned on.

If you paid it with your MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, you can navigate to system preferences using the trackpad of your laptop, and if you are trying to pair it with your iMac, you need to use a mouse.

In the system preferences, you can find trackpad, tapping on which will open the settings for the trackpad, and on the same window on bottom right and side you will find the option set up Bluetooth trackpad.

You can follow the instruction from there on it. It is as simple as connecting to any other Bluetooth device where you will have to tap on the list of available devices, which would be the magic trackpad in this case.

Once it is connected, it will pop up the guide to show you different gestures you can use, and it is pretty similar to what the motions are on the trackpad of MacBook.

Using magic trackpad

I have already written an elaborate post to talk about my experience and how it made me comfortable using in clamshell. When I am sitting in front of my 43 inches 4K smart TV, which I am using as a primary display for my MacBook Pro, I feel like I am using a giant laptop when I use the magic trackpad.

I keep it connected throughout the day, and I turn it off when I shut down my computer in the night, but even if you keep it turned on, it won’t use as much battery as when it is connected.

And the battery on the Apple magic trackpad 2 is enough that you would find yourself charging it after using it for like 35 to 40 days. Or maybe more than that if you are careful and you turn to get off at night.

Apple Magic Mouse vs Apple magic trackpad

I wouldn’t say the Apple magic Mouse is cheaper so let’s call it less priceier, and it is a better Mouse than any other third party Mouse you would want to use with your Mac because of the gesture support.

I mean, no Mouse will give you the smooth scroll that you get using the gestures on the magic mouse or the trackpad, but if you spend a little more, you can have the trackpad that will have more gestures to support and will not let you miss the trackpad of your MacBook.

So I think it is wise to wise to go for the Apple magic trackpad instead of the Magic Mouse.

You can club it with something like the Logitech K380 keyboard and the Logitech Pebble Mouse to cut the cost by not buying the magic keyboard and using that money to buy the Apple magic trackpad. This is the exact setup I am using, and I can confidently recommend it to everyone who wants to use their Macbook in clamshell mode.

It isavailable on Amazon as well, where you can get it for cheaper than on the Apple store.

Apple Magic Trackpad

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