Want to use MacBook Pro in Clamshell Mode? Magic Trackpad, Logitech K380 Keyboard and Pebble Mouse is a Great Combo

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If you have ever used an Apple MacBook laptop, you might already be aware of the awesomeness of its trackpad.

When I bought my first Macbook, a MacBook Air, in 2015, I was looking for a mouse because I was more productive on a Windows laptop when I used Mouse. But the trackpad on MacBook amazed me, and I couldn’t go back to using just a mouse.

There’s No Alternative to the Apple Magic Trackpad

The majority of the people looking to buy the Apple magic trackpad are the people who have used laptops and are used to their gestures. Whether you want it for your iMac or using your Macbook in a Closed Display Mode (previously known as the Clamshell mode), this is an investment that is worth it.

I am using an external monitor with my MacBook, and the reason I couldn’t entirely switch to using the Macbook in a Closed Display Mode because it restricted the usage of the trackpad on the MacBook well as its keyboard.

There are alternatives to expensive Apple keyboards, like the one and using right now, Logitech K380. But there isn’t any alternative for the Apple magic trackpad.

Also, no Mouse can replace the trackpad. Not even the Magic Mouse from Apple. You can also use an external monitor with your Macbook, where you can use the trackpad on it and the keyboards, but it has got some issues of its own.

It has to run two high-resolution displays, which puts a lot of strain on the CPU, and the fans start spinning too loud, which can be a bit distracting if you work in a creative field.

So, I finally decided to give the Closed Display Mode / Clampshell Mode a try and use my 43 inches 4K smart TV as my primary display for the Macbook Pro. And for that, I bought the Apple Magic trackpad 2.

I was initially going for the Apple magic keyboard and the Magic Mouse combo, but then I did some math and found out it would be more feasible and would cost me pretty much the same if I get the magic keyboard and magic mouse alternatives.

The Affordable Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse Alternative

So, I got the Logitech K380 keyboard and Logitech Pebble Mouse. And while the Logitech K380 is a decent alternative to the Apple magic keyboard, the Logitech Pebble Mouse’s performance is not as good as the Apple Magic Mouse.

But, to compensate for that, I got the magic trackpad 2. Because the difference between the Magic Mouse pricing and the Magic Trackpad isn’t much, if you make up your mind to get the Apple Magic Mouse, you can go for the Apple magic trackpad instead because it will give you an experience that is closer to MacBook.

The Logitech k380 keyboard is a Bluetooth-based Keyboard that has triple connectivity, meaning you can connect it to a tablet PC or even a mobile phone. Three buttons can switch between different connection modes, so if you want to be productive, you can use the keyboard with three devices by pressing one button.

It is pretty much of the same footprint as the Apple magic keyboard as per the shape and size. It has a fair amount of weight to it also so that it does not skid on the table, and it also gives you an ice typing experience. And I love the fact that you can wake your Mac from sleep by pressing any key. It quickly reconnects back to the Macbook and registers the key’s press to wake the Macbook.

The Mouse from Logitech is also Bluetooth based, and it is pretty easy to connect both the keyboard and Mouse.

You can still use your Macbook in Closed Display mode with having just the magic trackpad and the Logitech k380 keyboard, but having a mouse connected gives you more options to work with.

For example, I have the magic trackpad on the keyboard’s left side, and the Mouse is on the right-hand side. So I find myself using the Mouse for dragging Windows from here and there on my bike 4k TV display, and I use the magic trackpad for gestures for scrolling through web pages.

So I have no issues recommending this product to you if you also want to use your Macbook in clamshell mode for close display mode or maybe even if you want accessories for your iMac.

Buy Apple Magic Trackpad

Buy Logitech K380

Buy Logitech Pebble BT Mouse

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