5 Awesome Apps to Install on Android to Get Stuff Done in 2023.

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Now that we have entered in the new year of 2018, let’s make this year even more productive than the previous one.

In this article, I am going to list out few amazing apps that are going to help you save some time by doing things faster or automate them so that you have time for doing things you love and care.

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1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Majority of us spend most of our time on mobile phones writing emails, sending messages, posting updates on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, replying to comments and chatting on WhatsApp and other instant messengers.

The more app we use the more typing we do, and making a change on our keyboard, we can make a bit of difference and perhaps save some time.

I would suggest you use the SwiftKey keyboard, it is an awesome keyboard that lets you type faster by giving you predictions that it has learnt from your previous chats. I have found the predictions to be 99% accurate.

I have one more tip for setting up your own acronyms for a faster typing on SwiftKey. This feature has been available on the iOS keyboard for a very long time, but for Android, you can use SwiftKey and it’s quite handy for typing long phrases that you use more often.

For example, assuming you use, a phrase like, In Case You Missed It, more often. You can set up a shortcut for it as ‘incy’. So that, the next time you have to type that phrase, just type ‘incy’ and you can type the phrase in just one tap.

2. Evernote App

I have been a fan of Evernote app for a very long time, and I use it on a daily basis for different things.

I simply dump all the tiny pieces of information that are important to me so that I can keep my mind clean for doing other things, this app lets you create different notebooks and in the notebooks, you can write as many notes as you want then you can tag these notes with the keywords there are related.

Another great thing is you can add any type of Note be it a text or an image or a voice note, you can do it all in Evernote, and it also lets you set reminders.

So what I usually do is, I take a picture of the bike insurance documents and then save it in my notebook, add a tag to it (e.g documents) and put a reminder for the next year when the renewal is due.

This way I don’t have to remember the renewal date and I don’t even have to remember where the document has been kept, because the Evernote is going to notify me whenever it is due and I can simply tap on the notification, view the document and even print it directly from the app, and the tags let me search all the notes tagged under the same tag, such as my Passport, the PAN Card and other important documents that I would need, they all would be under the ‘documents’ tag.

I have written articles about Evernote in great detail, click here to read 

The app has many different uses, you can note down the ideas you have, you can also use it like it To-Do, but I use a different app for the purpose and that is

3. Wunderlist

This is my favourite app for noting down the things that I would be doing in next few days or weeks. The best use of this is to remind me for the recurring tasks such as paying the electricity bill, paying the hosting fees of my websites, sending the invoices the clients, or when I have to go for cycling at a particular time on the weekends.

This app is there to remind me all the things that I would be doing so I don’t have to remember it.

This app literally saves a lot of resources of my brain that could be used for different creative purposes like creating awesome videos for you guys. So make sure to hit the like button and also Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.

I would really appreciate that. moving on to the next

4. 7 Minute Exercise

Last year I spent 1.5 hours per day or around 9 hours every week in the gym and in the end I had to stop because I was behind the schedule for doing so many things that are important, but I know that health is important too.

This is why I started using this amazing app called 7 Minute Exercise, it literally saves a good amount of time and the exercises mentioned in the app does not require any kind of equipment that means you can do the exercise anywhere you want, any time of the day.

7 minute is basically a single circuit, if you’re not satisfied with a single circuit you can do multiple circuits, even but doing multiple circuits it still better than spending 1.5 hours per day in the gym and then finally leaving it because you are not able to make time for the workout

5. Google Files Go

Google has launched this app a few months ago and it is an app that easily lets you browse the contents on your mobile phone in an easy folder type interface.

There are already so many apps available for this purpose and ES Explorer is one of them that I have been using from last few years, and I still use it every now and then.

But just a while back I thought of trying Google Files Go to see how it works and I found out it is really helpful. The purpose of this app is to let the users manage space on the Android devices smartly.

Google’s machine learning works behind the app to figure out what apps and files are not important on the mobile and the app notifies users suggesting they can remove the particular app or file to clear out some space.

Other than that, it also lets you send files locally to other devices. You might already be familiar with apps like AirDroid, ShareIt, Xender etc. that lets users send and received files offline.

Since I already mentioned that I am a fan of apps that let you do more than one thing, this is the reason why I have added this app to this list.

So these were some of the best apps that you can install on your mobile phone and get stuff done faster so that you can save some time to spend with your friends, family, and do things that you love to do.

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So this is it, I’ll see you in the next video till then take care.

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