13 Awesome Google Assistant Tips & Tricks to Get the Most out of Your Smartphone

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Smartphones have come a long way in the last few years, now they are truly becoming Smarter.

Be it Android or iOS, both the Platforms have got their own Digital Assistant that has proved to be really helpful in making our lives easier.

iOS’s Siri or Android’s Google Assistant, both come edge to edge when compared.

But for this post, let’s just keep Siri aside and talk about the Wonders you can do with Google Assistant on your Android device. Let’s get started.

Unlock Your Device with Voice

This is the coolest feature of all, you can say ‘Ok Google’ and your phone recognizes your voice and unlocks your phone for you to use.

Please Note: The feature may not work on few Android phones due to the permission issues or heavily customed skins over the top of Stock Android OS.

Take a Selfie

Google has been trying to educate it’s Android users to actually use the Google Assistant for things like taking photos, but hardly anyone uses it. But I believe it’s a nice feature to have, especially when the world is so much selfie centric.

Like, I use a phone that is too big, in fact, it can be called a smaller tablet,( I use Mi Mix as of now), this feature comes in handy in taking selfies easily.

Setting A Reminder

Doing this via Google Assistant is so much easier than doing it manually, I mean with tons of apps installed on your phone, it’s little tough to find your to-do list app or the Clock app and Set a Reminder.

Instead, you simply say, Ok Google, and then say something like ‘Set a Reminder for…..’ and you are done.

For setting up alarm, you can also say something like, ‘Wake me up at 5 AM’  or ‘Set an Alarm for 5 AM’ etc.

Ask Google Assistant to Remember something for you

You forget your keys, watch, or wallet or similar stuff? You can take help of Google Assistant in remembering that for you.

All you need is to make a habit of saying, ‘Ok Google’ ‘Remember that the keys are at the Dining Table’. Or ‘Remember that the Wallet is in the fridge’

Obviously, you won’t have to search if you keep your Keys on the Dining table or your wallet on the Fridge, but you get the point how can this feature be used.

Sent a WhatsApp Message

We know it isn’t tough for a Digital Assistant to actually sent a text message, but you can be more specific to Google Assistant and it will listen to you.

Sending a WhatsApp message via just the voice commands is super cool.

Simple say, Send a WhatsApp message to ‘Contact name’ and then dictate your message. You can simply say ‘Send a WhatsApp message’ and then say the contact name again on the message screen.

I tried sending a message in my local language, that is, Hindi, and Google Assistant perfectly translated my message.

You can similarly post a Facebook message or make a tweet.

Search your old photos

If you save your photos to Google Photos, you should if you do not already, Google Assistant can search your old photos for you, simply say Wedding Photos, or Kids photos, or Photos from September, say any keyword you should want to search and Google Photos will be shown to you.

Please note that you need to use the same Google account for Google Photos and Google Assistant to access your photos.

Turn on the Flashlight

This can come pretty handy if you are at a darker place and need some light, the fact that your phone already has a LED flashlight, you can ask Google Assistant to turn it on by simply saying Okay Google, turn on the flashlight. 

Few more things you can ask Google Assistant

  • Ask for Sunset and Sunrise timings,
  • Ask for Movie Timings
  • Ask Weather Report
  • Ask for Currency Conversions
  • Ask for Simply Mathematical Questions to Add, Subtract and Multiply
  • Ask for Information about a particular Politician, Celeb or Sports Personality or people who have got a Wikipedia page.

I hope you find this article helpful, do comment in the comment box below if you have anything to add to this post.

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