6 Best Note Taking Apps for the iPad

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Today, many of us find ourselves carrying the iPad more than we do a notepad. To effectively transition and to always take your notes even when a notepad is not around the following tools will help you do this without paying a single cent for them.

Note taking apps for the iPad are immense with a huge number solely designed for iPad users.

Microsoft OneNote


This is a top note taking free iPad app that makes sharing of notes across every device you own where Microsoft office has been installed easier.

Think of a physical notebook incorporated into the digital world making the creation of a new note either for a new job, class or research the easiest thing. OneNote also makes the importation of images, PDFs, documents, among others possible.



When it comes to taking notes on an iPad, computer or any other smart mobile device, Evernote will always be mentioned. The iPad Evernote app is free to use and makes the creation of notes seamlessly on the go, including sharing the important information among all the devices you own.

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Inserting tables, audio notes, lists and pictures right on the page is a very simple process. Professional individuals, students and others who use PDFs most of the time are given the ability to write notes, mark and even highlight at the top of the documents as happens on a real book.



This free note taking app for iPad users brings back the paper experience you are used to in note taking and digitizes it.

You only need to use a stylus or finger to start taking notes right away on a digital platform, enjoying the real note taking experiencing you are used to. It’s one of the coolest note taking apps downloaded by millions.

Paper by FiftyThree


One of the free apps close to Penultimate but seeks to give iPad users an artistic experience when it comes to writing.

Those who love drawing diagrams a lot or sketching a couple of ideas to use at work or class will find this app the best. It comes with lots of input methods to use that replicate such styles as pencils, paint brushes and pens we are used to. There is also a pencil specifically designed for use with the app for those who want a unique experience.



Another unique free note taking app for iPad users; if you would like to keep your notes clean this app is worth your time.

It makes it easy to not only read notes, but also sort and add if the need be on a white background and clear black texts. The app is the easiest to use among many complex note taking apps true to its simple nature.



Anyone who likes sticky notes will find this app’s digital experience the best. Digitalized sticky notes make note taking easy before you upload them onto Google Drive so that access across every device you own is possible as far as you can login into a Google account whether on a PC, iPhone or iPad.

You can also lock your critical notes using TouchID or your passcode to keep your information safe from snooping eyes.

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