The best way to post photos and videos to Instagram from your PC

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It’s been awhile since I wrote this simple guide to posting photos Instagram directly from your PC.

In the guide, I mentioned few browser extensions which give you the feature to upload photos to Instagram. And probably all the methods that I mentioned gave mobile-like interface so that it makes easier for non-techie people to use and post photos on Instagram.

These extensions, however, lack the option to post videos.

So in this article, I am going to talk about the best way to post photos and videos to Instagram directly from your PC and it is much better than the previous solutions we mentioned in that article.

Note: If you are a non-techie person and only need a solution to post photos, that too, not very often, then those solutions are still good enough.

So how do we post directly to Instagram from PC?

The best way to post videos and photos to Instagram directly from my PC is to use Gramblr app. The grammar app is available for both Mac and PC.

You can download Gramblr by clicking this link 

Unlike other applications on your computer, it runs inside a browser, the address is something like http://localhost:4343/

The interface is pretty simple to use and easy to understand.

The reason why I am calling it the best solution for posting directly from PC is that it has got more features, probably more than what you get on the official Instagram app.

Not only it lets you post your own photos and videos, you can also Repost other Instagram photos and videos to just by copy-pasting the post link to Gramblr.

It also has got a Scheduling future so you can upload multiple photos and videos at once and they will be posted on it’s scheduled time.

The only thing required to do it is that it needs to run in the background, which is not an issue since you can keep in the browser tab open and continue working on whatever you are doing on your PC.

Run Multiple and Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts from Computer

The app also supports multiple accounts, which makes it easy to manage more than one account at once, since you do not have to log out and log in every time you want to use different accounts.

Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts with Gramble

Other than all these things, The Gambler app has Coin based system for its own platform, where you can earn Coins by liking photos that appear in the Gambler app and once you earn coins, you can spend the coins to get Likes from other Gramblr users on your particular Instagram post.

For every like you are 5 coins, and to get 1 like you have to spend 10 coins.

You can also buy coins if you want to get more like and do not want to participate in liking other photos, for $5.95 dollars you can get 10000 coins which is sufficient for getting 1000 likes.

And this is probably how Gramblr has plans to make money, but the good news is, there is no limitation on posting on Instagram.

To be honest, getting likes from random people isn’t really beneficial. If you really care about the Instagram platform, I would rather suggest you get likes organically from the users who are interested in your content and can engage with it.

So I am not interested in this particular feature Gramblr has to offer, but I am really impressed with its other features that let me post photos and videos to my Multiple Instagram profile easily.

If you want to use Instagram on Your PC with the ability to post photos and videos, you should give Gramblr a try.

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