There is no doubt Instagram has become the fastest growing Social Network on Mobile. One of the reasons for its crazy growth is that it is highly visual, there are aren’t too many actions do perform.

You either like the post, comment on it or you scroll through it. None of the posts let you leave the app, and there are no relatives to worry about, at least for now.


And their newly Snapchat Stories like Feature, the Instagram Stories is getting a lot of traction lately. We have compiled some of the best tips and tricks for you to up your Instagram game. Check it out below.

Archive Photos

The updated version of Instagram lets you Archive Photos you have posted on your account. Sometimes you don’t want to delete the photo and also don;t want anyone to look at it. Archive serves that purpose.

Tap on the opposite side of the username, those three dots, and you get the option to Archive the photo.

Block Comments

Part of the reason Instagram is growing is that it’s majorly a happy social network, which has been made possible by keeping the trolls and spammers at bay, you can filter out a few words that let the Instagram’s AI-powered comment blocker to check the comments for authenticity.

Post #hashtags in 1st Comment

The Instagram is all about #Hashtags, but if you are one of those likes to keep their posts clean, then this tip is for you.

Write all the hashtags you want to use, then cut them and post the photo with just the caption, then go to comment and paste all the hashtags.

Your photos will still be found via the hashtags, and your posts will still look clean since there won;t be any visible hashtags there.

Reorder Filters and Get More

Filters have been made popular by Instagram, and now you can see a lot of them, but did you know that you can actually manage them, reorder them accordingly so that it’s easy for you to apply you most used filters.

You can also get a few more filters if you want, just swipe all the way to the end of the filters where you get the option to manage them, tap on it and reorder the filters.

Slideshow Posts

Instagram has started allowing posting multiple images in one post, this has been creatively used by a lot of people in posting Panoramic photos, skylines, beaches.

There are apps like Swipeable for iPhone and Instaswipe for Android that make it easy to post panoramic photos.

You can also use the slideshow feature to tell stories, either photos or graphic text.

Save Data while Browsing Instagram

With all the Visual media, i.e, Photos and Video, Instagram can be a real data hogger, if you are on a data plan, there is a setting for you in Instagram that will save some data by downgrading the quality of photos and video.

You can turn on ‘use cellular data’ from the settings. And you are good to go.

Share Instagram Posts Directly on WhatsApp and Messenger

Apart from beautiful selfies, Instagram is also a place for MEMEs, and I’ve seen people sharing the Memes from Instagram with their friends.

There is a direct option beside the comment to send the photo to a friend, however not every friend is on Instagram. So, another best option is to take a screenshot, make edits and send it on WhatsApp or Messenger.

But if the photo is shared publicly, i.e, not shared from a Private account, then it can directly be shared to WhatsApp and Messenger, not just the link is shared but the entire picture is sent so that your friend can see it without opening Instagram. It’s better than taking a screenshot.

Pin Moving Objects in Story

While posting a video in the story, you can actually long tap on a particular object in the video and pin anything to it, be it an Emoji, a heard, anything, you can do it multiple times to tell a story and put emphasis on a particular thing.

Hands-Free Story

One annoying thing about post a video in Instagram stories is that you have to keep the Record button pressed till the time you want to record the video.

Very few people know that you can actually record videos hands-free, just keep swiping to the right to find the option ‘Hands-Free’

The Hands-Free feature lets you record video performing something or doing an action that required both your hands.

More Colours in Story

Instagram shows only a set of colors to use in the Stories by Default, but you can use any color you want, just long tap on the color you want to use and it will show you the color slider to choose an exact color palette.

Solid Colour Backgrounds in Story

Not just photos, people use Stories to write text in it. What many people do is, click a black photo by placing a finger on the camera then write on the black image.

The better way or I shall say the right way is, to take a photo, then tap on the pen icon, select the color and long tap on the screen, the entire screen gets filled with the color you select.

You can then tap on the text icon and start writing, and choose any color for your text.

Turn On Business Profiles

This tip is for Instagram accounts that want more than just a few likes, A business profile has many features like the Insights, ability to boost the posts by connecting the Instagram account to a Facebook Page and much more.

Enabling this gives you insights on the posts, you can see the reach of your posts so that you can know which type of photos are liked and what is making people follow your profile.

You can turn on Busines profile from settings.

Enable Links in Stories

you may have noticed some famous Instagram accounts showing stories where they ask their followers to swipe up to open a page related to the story.

This feature was only available to verified Instagram Profiles but Instagram is rolling it out to other Instagram account with a following of more than 10,000 people.

So if you have got over 10000 followers, you can try getting it by turning on the Business profiles.

Add Location in Stories to Get More Views

Instagram has recently added the feature to enable locations in the Stories, and the app has a dedicated section where the stories get curated location wise.

People who decide to view stories from a particular location can view your story as well, and if they find it interesting, they can even follow you.

I’ve once got over 15k views on my story whereas my average views for stories is 150-200.


Just adding location to the stories, helped it achieve 10x more views than usual.