The Best Way to Transfer Files Between Mobile and PC Wirelessly

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Asif Ahmed
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We’ve written a lot about apps that make your life easier, today, we are addressing one of the tasks, that is a part of almost everyone’s workflow.

Since everyone nowadays requires a PC and a Mobile phone to be efficient in their jobs, we all find ourselves in situations where we have to transfer some files between the PC and Mobile.

Now, there are several ways to do it, my recent favourite is to create a dedicated WhatsApp group to use it as a place to share Notes, Files etc between PC and Mobile, you can check out more here.

But, sometimes, you just need a bit easier solution. And this is what we are talking about right now.

Transfer Files between PC and Mobile using Airdroid.

Now, I’ve already mentioned Airdroid several times in the part, because it’s such an amazing piece of software.

I’ve again started using it on a daily basis and it’s now a part of my workflow which really makes things smooth, and I can connect to my Smartphone and transfer any files to or from my PC.

How to transfer files from PC to Mobiel using Airdroid.

Install the App for your Phone from Play Store,

Open and Sign up / sign in.

Then, open, and sign in using the same login credentials.

You will be connected instantly,

You will see an interface something like this,

It not just lets you Transfer files between the PC and Mobile, but also lets you control your Phone from the PC itself, which comes pretty handy if your phone is away charging in another phone.

You can access videos, and other files that are on your Mobile, or you can Drag and Drop files from your PC to your Mobile phone.

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You can also copy from or paste to the Clipboard of your smartphone. I’ve been using this for a variety of things, like transferring videos from my PC to my phone for posting on Instagram since there is no way to post videos to Instagram from PC, though you can post photos to Instagram from PC.

Apart from this, I’ve been using Airdroid to move videos, photos recorded on my phone. For one of two videos or photos, I usually prefer the WhatsApp Group, but when doing it in bulk, Airdroid is faster since it doesn’t require the Internet or that usual Uploading/Downloading of data.

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