Can We Use Mobile Phones for Writing Long form Content?

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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I love tech, and I love making the most out of it. And then I write about it here. Producing content is not my main focus on this blog, but I loved to add me two cents now and then, this like one.

I have been reading many people looking for the ultimate device that enabled them to get their job done from anywhere. We have tablets, ultra-lightweight notebooks, and even third-party products to compliment mobile phones that can help us write a little faster than we do, using the touch screen keyboard.

I read this article on Mac Stories By Federico Viticci, where he blogged about his experience of using iPad Air 2 as his main computer. I have recently started using a Chromebook as my main machine, but I still can not think of completely shifting to a mobile-based OS for my full-time work.

Wanting to experience the workflow, I decided to use my mobile phone for writing a post to get an idea if it can be used for writing long-form content or not.

Here are the results

Below is the raw content that has been typed on the mobile phones. It’s not much (just 522 words), and there are few typos as well. It will give you an idea of mobile phones can be used for writing or not.

Battery status: 61%

Time: 10:53pm.


Back in 2007, when I started blogging, smartphones were no very common. Perhaps the smartphones were not smart enough to perform more than one task at a time.

Articles were written on PC or Laptop. Then came the time when netbooks become) popular, these were low-powered mini-laptops that have longer battery life slightly, and we’re easier to carry around.

They made a good machine to write articles. Still, They were more of a liability, as people had to carry such machines just for writing didn’t make much sense because by adding just a little more space, they could carry their primary computer (if that happens to be a laptop).

Then came the trend of my f tablet pc, which ran on a mobile os and had a bigger screen.

Many third-party party manufacturers came with Bluetooth and USB keyboards that could be connected with these tablet pc and can be used as a laptop without compromising on the compactness of the device.

Now is when we see many smartphones emerging in the market with better specs, and apps like SwiftKey have made it possible to use smartphones for full-fledged writing.

Many manufacturers make creative keyboards for smartphone users to make typing fast and efficient, just like typing on a laptop.


Battery: 53%



Battery: 13%

Time: 2:04pm

On such dedicated keyboard’s review, I read on Gizmodo, which reviewed as a terrible thing to type on. I’ll link the review here.

I haven’t tried it, but I agree with the writer about the tiny keys as I’ve tried a similar one myself.

I’m currently using SwiftKey, and I can type pretty nicely without much trouble and typos.

Typing on mobile isn’t pleasing as it is on PC with bigger keyboards, but it certainly helps to utilize time like this when you are taking some rest after lunch or dinner.

So using Google docs for your writing is great, as you can put together an article on the way using your Mobile phone, considering you have SwiftKey enabled on it.

I still have to try that brilliantly designed mini keyboard for mobile before replacing SwiftKey with it, but for now, it’s SwiftKey.


Battery: 7%

Time : 2:14pm


Battery: 50%

Time: 11:32pm

This is the fourth and last part of this post I am writing using a mobile phone. There is not much useful information in this post other than showing you the ability to write long documents like this using your phone.

Here are few things I did to make it more effective.

I installed Docs app on my phone from the Play Store.

Used a dark template to write posts, more like Darkroom, which helps in less consumption of battery on the phone.

I am used to the SwiftKey keyboard, which gives amazing predictions to complete a sentence just like this one right now.

That’s it. We are done with this article on mobile.



Time : 11:39pm

Update from 2021: I am currently using iPhone 12 Pro Max as my primary phone. It is a huge phone with big screen. Cameras are better for taking photos and videos, but I am also using it for writing long articles. You can check out my experience of using it for writing long articles.

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