How to Mass Delete Emails in Gmail to Clear Out Free 15GB Storage

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If you didn’t already know, Google gives 15 GB of free storage to each of the Google accounts.

The space used by Emails in your Inbox, Documents in Google Drive, and Full Resolution Photos in Google Photos, is counted against it, and if you are using Gmail from a very long time, the chances are that you are probably getting out of storage.

Many people have been reporting that they stop getting emails since brown ran out of the 15 GB storage, and their Inbox was full.

Only when they cleared some of the emails, they were able to receive new emails.

Even if you are not in a similar situation, where your storage is running out, it should be beneficial for you to read this article.

To know how you can mass delete unimportant emails so that you can make some space for future emails.

Use filters to find similar emails

One of the amazing features of Gmail is that you can use filters to pull out emails that were sent from the same source or contain similar words; there are more verticals you can use to filter out emails.

It helps pull out newsletters from one particular source that are unimportant to you so that I can delete them at once.

after you are done deleting newsletters, you can use services like unroll me to unsubscribe from different newsletters all at once.

Google itself office a better categorization of emails, which are mostly accurate so that you will find newsletters in the category.

Find emails with attachments

It should be your number one priority to delete emails that contain attachment and are no longer important.

Text based emails won’t to use much space in your Inbox, the culprits are the ones that have got attachments.

If you are using an old Gmail account, chances are, you might have attachments that would contain huge files such as photos from DSLR cameras.

One photo can be as big as 5 MB, and if you have got a bunch of them, you know where your 15 GB free storage is going.

These days we have cloud storage services such as Google Photos, Dropbox, iCloud, but people usually preferred emailing photos several years ago.

You can find these attachments download them and then maybe upload on Dropbox, and then delete the email.

By the way, Google Photos offer unlimited storage, so it would be a better idea to upload all your photos to Google photos.

Buy more space

if all the emails that are in your Inbox are essential to you and you are still running out of free storage, you can buy some more at pretty affordable prices.

Cloud storage space prices have come down substantially in the last few years, and now you can get as much as 100 GB for just a few dollars a month. Find more info here.

Create another free account and move your emails to it.

I understand not everyone would be interested in buying more storage just for their emails, so there is a workaround.

Create another free account at Gmail, and forward all emails to the new Gmail account.

This way you won’t have to delete your emails, you still will be having them, and you can continue using your original free Gmail account.

I hope you find this article useful in clearing some space out for your emails if you are running out of storage.

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