How to Use Dictation Feature on iPhone

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If there is an iPhone user out there and they are not using dictation or voice typing feature, they are missing out on something awesome.

They have no idea how their life can be simplified by Justin using one feature, which is natively available in every iPhone out there.

Currently, you might be relying on the tiny keyboard on your iPhone which is pretty limited.

How to enable the dictation feature in iPhone

You can enable the dictation feature by going to the general in the settings area of your iPhone.

Go to the keyboard section, scroll down a bit, and toggle the button to enable dictation.

After you have enabled the dictation feature on your iPhone keyboard dedicated icon will appear on the bottom right-hand side, you can tap on it and start dictating, iPhone will automatically convert your voice into text.

It is pretty useful while chatting with someone, and if you want to reply faster. Maybe it can help respond to emails.

How effective is the dictation feature on the iPhone?

Although the feature is quite useful for many people, it is also not for a lot of people. It works well if you know how to pronounce words better and if you are clear with your accent.

It does not work with foreign exchange and also wants to work in a noisy environment because it picks up a lot of noise, which tries to convert into text, so the microphone remains turned on, with is an inconvenience sometimes when you want to send something quickly.

Third-party options for dictation/voice typing on iPhone?

The voice typing feature on Android, which is quite similar to the dictation feature on the iPhone, works more efficiently.

A pure Google Android has Gboard as a default keyboard app that has nicely integrated the voice typing feature.

Different smartphone makers use Android, so they tend to make some changes to the OS to differentiate themselves from others, but Gboard can be installed from the Play Store.

Voice Typing on Gboard for iPhone

It is available for iPhone as well, and since I was pretty impressed with the Gboard app on Android, I tried it on iPhone as well.

And it does work on the iPhone, but the integration is not like it is on Android, maybe because of the permission issues. Every time you want to use voice typing, it takes you to another page and then takes you back to the keyboard area, which is a little inconvenience if you wish to switch between the keyboard and dictation feature.

Voice Typing on Swiftkey for iPhone

These are two of my favorite Keyboard Apps that are also available for the iPhone, so I have both installed them on my iPhone.

Swifty also uses a similar voice typing feature like the Gboard, but Microsoft powers it, Swift Kisi Ki was acquired by it in 2016.

The voice typing feature on SwiftKey also works well, but the only problem is the integration.

Voice typing can be used in different use cases. One of the use-cases is to use your iPhone for writing some long-form or even short-form content.

You can use a third-party voice to text apps that are available on the App Store, or I have made a list of these apps you can find here.

But if you wanted the dictation feature on the iPhone, you can try out the native one available. And if it does not work, you can try either of the keyboard apps.

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