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Space simulators are cool but rare. It seems that after its peak in the late nineties and early 2000s with their Freelancer and Rogue Squadron, the genre has completely turned sour and has ceased to please us with something sensible.

In recent years, however, the situation has changed: here you have a very good Star Wars: Squadrons, and forgotten by everyone Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and here you are, Chorus.

Beautiful, cinematic, and driving, she promised to be everything fans of the genre dreamed of. And she became. You can play the best games on Game Karma and immerse yourself in the world of amazing adventure and drive.

Space simulators are different

So are racing simulators. And even against the background of seemingly simple Squadrons, the novelty seems more like an arcade game than a “simulator”.

There is no need to spend an hour of your time just to remember the controls, and the slightest mistake does not lead to a game over. Someone will say: “pop” and delete it. And someone will be happy.

Chorus Review

Chorus is beautiful. A clear, pleasant picture, with a lot of details, scale, and, of course, 60 fps – everything is great. Squadrons are also cute, but here even she seems old. The second is management.

The ship of the heroine, Nara, is very nimble, and it is a pleasure to control it. He is fast and can even “drift” in space, which is very important during battles.

The combat system is also intuitive, but quite deep, with a lot of updates that you can either find, buy, or earn by completing quests. In fact, it was the combat that motivated me to play as long as possible – sometimes you want something like that.

Chorus is a space fighter simulator and nothing else. And the gameplay itself already justifies all the money.

Chorus, being a pretty serious game, had to have a story as well, with voice acting and all that. If the voice acting is excellent and the actors coped with a bang, then everything else is not so happy.

The synopsis is quite simple and typical: Nara is a former member of the Cult, seeking to dominate all life in the Galaxy. He worships the Great Prophet and is ready to kill billions just to crush the resistance.

And during one such mission, Nora decides that she has had enough. Having slaughtered a billion, she did not find the strength to kill another unfortunate one and said goodbye to the Cult.

Chorus is difficult to describe in a nutshell. On the one hand, we have a wonderful arcade space sim that looks really modern. On the other hand, a rather secondary story and a very tight ending, slightly spoiling the overall impression.

But the situation is a bit drawn out by the price: $ 40 for a project that looks and plays like a real blockbuster is not bad. And if you are in the mood to fly in space and shoot for fun, then Chorus can be a very good option.

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