Speech Keys is a Better Alternative to Gboard for Voice Typing

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Looking for a better alternative to Gboard for voice typing on your Android smartphone?

The Gboard alternative that we are talking about in this article, I feel it does the implementation voice typing much better than Gboard.

I’ve written countless articles about how the Gboard app from Google is an amazing keyboard app for Android.

We have compared it with SwiftKey Keyboard, which is now owned by Microsoft, although I have both the apps installed on my phone and I keep switching depending on the use case.

I have now installed another keyboard app on my phone and I tend to use it more than the Gboard keyboard when it comes to voice typing.

The keyboard is called Speech keys, and it takes voice typing to another level.

It basically takes the voice typing of Gboard one step further, by allowing you to keep using the voice typing feature with pressing keyboard buttons.

Gboard vs Speech keys (Voice typing)

When you use the voice typing feature of Gboard, it is still better than the SwiftKey keyboard or any other Keyboard app which has got the voice typing feature.

Because the implementation of voice typing on Gboard is pretty amazing.

There is a button on the top right-hand side of the keyboard, tapping on which activates the voice typing.

In comparison to other apps, Speech Keys App is far easier use voice typing when you are writing longer sentences, because you can use the keyboard keys, things like, ‘a comma’, or a ‘full stop’, or going to the next line.

But, doing that in Gboard deactivates the voice typing and you have to tap on the voice typing button again to activate and speak.

It is not a big inconvenience at all when you have to write short sentences, especially on Social media like Facebook or Instagram.

But if you have to write long paragraphs, it can be quiet frustrating to keep tapping the voice typing button every time you have pressed another key on the keyboard.

This is where the speech key is app can come in handy, it also offers the voice typing button on the top right-hand side of the keyboard, along with other buttons of the keyboard

Since it is mainly for voice typing, the keyboard can also be minimized, giving you maximum screen real estate, which can be pretty useful at times.

Also, voice typing does not get deactivated when you press any other key which is pretty awesome when you are writing longer sentences.

Speech Keys App as a Standalone Keyboard App?

If you want to use the speech keys are primarily on your smartphone, I am afraid that it is going to disappoint you quite a lot.

The keyboard sucks big time. There is no customization option, which means you are stuck there 1 look of the keyboard.

You cannot even change the layout or the way the keyboard is going to behave.

Also, the keyboard is not smart like other keyboards which will give you autocorrect options. It is pretty dumb, and the purpose of the Speech Keys app is, as the name suggests, just for voice typing.

Which means you can keep it as a secondary keyboard on your mobile phone for things when you have to write longer sentences, like articles or emails.

Gboard is still the best overall keyboard

If there is little space on your mobile phone and you can only afford to install one keyboard app on it, then it should surely busy because it is more versatile.

Gboard app has more features which can make you pretty efficient in typing on your mobile phone, the voice typing is one of many features it has, which makes it a complete package.

So, the Speech keys app is a Niche app which will cater to a small group of people who want to primary use voice typing on the mobile phone.

You can install and try the app yourself from the play store, all there is a pro version available which, I am not sure, whether it is going to improve its capability or add new features, because the free one works just fine.

Install from the Play Store.

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