Introduction to Google Photos and Why You Should Move all Your Photos to It

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For most of the people, who own smartphones and computers, photos are one of the most important things on their devices. In fact, we have seen great improvements in the mobile cameras in last few years, because it is what the consumer demands.

We all take photos using our phones day and night, and we easily build a mountain (well, not literally) of photos on our phones. So much so that it becomes a Big task in organising the photos or when we have to change your phone.

This is where Cloud storage comes in, you know the services like Google Drive and Dropbox (and many others), they all offer options to backup your photos so that you can easily get them on any device you want.

But that’s not the complete solutions to our problems of photo management. And this is what Google is trying to achieve with Google Photos, the solutions to our photos management problems.  I mean an automated way to organise photos so that you can find the right one when you look at your 1345 photos from last year.

Google Photos has been a part of Google Plus, the Social networking website where people create an account and forget, (okay, maybe a few are using it, but I have non one there). It offered the options to back up your phone photos, but you had to have Google Plus installed on your phone.

I personally preferred not to use that feature as I was never comfortable uploading my photo collection to a Social network, I mean even though all the photos are set to private, I feared about the photos getting public somehow, so it was better not to use the service. And maybe this is why many other people didn’t use it.

You Get unilimited Free Storage 

Unlimited StorageSo Google separated the Google Photos from Google Plus and now it is a standalone product, just like Google Plus itself, meaning it now has its own url to access, it’s own app on all the popular platforms and gives unlimited storage for every user.

Find specific photos in Google Photos

Now, about solving the photo organisation problem, it has built a smart system that magically organises your photos and gives you the ability to search them using different tags.

Search Google Photos

Google was already near perfect in recognizing who is there in the photos, but it just got better, it can seperate photos depending on the things in the photos, like photos which has a dog in it, can be searched by typing dog. Same goes with everything else. It’s pretty cool if you think about it for a second.

Save selected photos with others even with non Google users

Share Google Photos

Sharing photos is another part of our photos management, we are often in a situation where we have to share few photos with others, like a trip you took with friends, or a number of photos you clicked with someone who just messages you to send them the photos.

Just select the photos and share them by creating a shareable link that can be accessed without a Google account. Cool.

Save files in Original size and format

Not only that, users can save their photos in the original form up to 16mb, which means no loss of photo quality for the people who use their smartphones to take photos, as the maximum size of a photo taken from the smartphones varies between 2mb to 5mb.

So, you don’t have to worry about organising your photos, even when you know you are never going to look at them again, it will remain there for you, because, dude, unlimited storage.

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