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It has been more than two months since I used the M1 base MacBook Pro as of January 2022. I initially planned to skip this version As I had upgraded to the Macbook Pro in 2019, just a few months before the Amazon best laptops were launched.

I have used MacBook Air since 2015, and I loved every bit of it until I started making videos. Early 2015 MacBook Air was capable of everything except video editing. I mean it it was slow to edit videos on MacBook Air, and I was happy when I upgraded to MacBook Pro, but when the reviews started coming in about how amazing the M1-based MacBook Pro was, even the M1 based MacBook Air was.

At this point, I don’t think you will be interested in the specifications because it’s a year-old laptop and everyone knows the specifications. The keyword here is M1, Apple’s revolutionary chipset.

It was so difficult to fight the Temptation of getting a one-based laptop after reading the reviews from my fellow blogger friends who were using it. Still, I waited for the second generation, which was expected to be launched in the last quarter of 2021.

And it did eventually. Unfortunately, the prices were astronomical, and it was way beyond my budget. Apple did something different by introducing a premium version of their Pro laptops, powered by M1 Pro and 11 Pro Max chipsets, and decided to bring the upgrade to the M1 the next year.

This was when I decided to go for the M1 best MacBook instead of fighting the Temptation of getting a more powerful MacBook for another year, and boy, I am so happy with my decision.

My Experience with Intel-based MacBook Pro (early 2019)

The last two months have been an absolute joy to use this powerful machine, I mean, the previous MacBook Pro was also powerful, but it gave me so many issues when I was using it with my 4k TV. It heated up so much, and the fans started spinning so loudly that it was difficult for me to record videos without keeping my Studio cool which required turning on the AC which again did not allow me to record videos.

Another frustration was the battery life, as it was just a few hours if I did not edit videos on the battery. When I opened Final Cut Pro on battery, it only lasted less than 2 hours. But I used it to my advantage to edit videos faster. My race was to edit and render the video before the battery died, so so it wasn’t so bad after all.

My Experience with the M1 Based MacBook Pro (2020)

But enough about the Intel-based Macbook Pro, let’s talk about the M1-based MacBook Pro and why I love it. I’ve already told you my pain points from the intel-based MacBook Pro, in these are the things that I am most happy about.


Currently, my 43 inches 4k TV is connected to this MacBook Pro. As I am typing with a dozen Google Chrome tabs opened, a video playing, I don’t hear the sound of fans inside the Macbook Pro. The laptop is not even hot, and it’s just warm, just like you would use it without connecting to an external display or doing any intensive task.

I love the battery life on the M1 base MacBook Pro. My Expectations of battery life work crashed when I about the Macbook Pro in 2019 because my MacBook Air was just fine, giving me 7 to 8 hours of work time.

Battery Life

So, after using the Macbook Pro with 2 to 3 hours of battery life, using a MacBook that gives me 14 to 15 hours of battery life is insane. I feel confident to do resource-intensive tasks when I am working from a cafe aur away from the charger because I know it would please give me better power backup than the previous laptop.

It gives me peace of mind that I can edit multiple videos without worrying about having it connected to a power source, which was a complete know when I was outside with my intel-based MacBook Pro.

Compatibility with third party software?

Apple is known to super optimize their software for their hardware, and the amount-based MacBook Pro is not an exception. It is amazing with its software. Initially, few reports of third-party software not working as intended because it’s a completely different architecture, so the developers needed to bring their applications to compatibility.

But Apple had already built a compatibility Bridge to make the applications designed for Intel chipsets run on M1-based macs, it’s called a rosetta 2, and it works fairly well.

Since it’s already been over a year, almost every application I have installed on my MacBook is designed for an M1-based MacBook, so it works just fine. But there are small applications that I have been using for so many years, they have not been updated for Apple M1-based MacBook, but they also work fairly well. I don’t use them so much that I could differentiate between their performance and the application’s performance created for M1-based MacBooks.

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After the admin-based Macbook and Macbook Air has been launched, there is no question one should get an Intel-based Mac Book because these new ones with apples own silicon chipset Ave I had in terms of performance and battery life. The question would be whether you should go for the higher-end laptops launched in 2021, Or Could you still get the M1-based MacBook Pro.

For most people, the M1 base MacBook Pro is just fine. I consider myself a power user, and I love the performance.

But some workflows require even higher performance, like desktop-grade performance. The MacBooks powered by M1 Pro and M1 Max come into the picture, but for every other content creator creating content for YouTube, Instagram. or the business people, who want to work on their presentation and staff, this is a great fit.

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