How to Message Someone on WhatsApp without Saving their Number

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From the courier boy to the cylinder delivery boy, to the milkman, almost everyone owns a Smartphone and all of them use WhatsApp to communicate, not just with their friends and family but also the customers.

I have also found myself in situations where I need to message someone who is not in my contact list, sometimes it’s just sharing the location so that the delivery boy can reach my destination, and sometimes it’s a referred person or an acquaintance who just wants some information over WhatsApp.

While you may have the phone number of your milkman saved, you surely won’t be saving the phone numbers of every courier guy who visits you to give your consignment.

For times like these, you might want to learn how you can send a message to WhatsApp without saving the phone number

Send someone a message without saving a phone number using an app

There is an app called WhatsDirect and it is available from Playstore you can install it on your phone and it will let you send a message via WhatsApp without saving their number.

All you need to do is open the app and then type the number or copy paste it from the recent call list, then type of message which will open WhatsApp and then type your message.

If you do this more often you can keep this app installed on your phone, it’s a lightweight app with is just under 4 MB so it is not taking much space.

How to send WhatsApp message to unsaved phone numbers without using an app

If you don’t have 4 MB to spare on your smartphone, or you simply don’t want to deal with Just another app there is also a way to send a message to someone without saving their phone number.

The latest version of WhatsApp brings the feature of indexing the vCards data sent via WhatsApp.

Now, if you don’t know about this, you might have seen the contact I can when you tap on the attachment icon to send something over WhatsApp. This feature is used to send a contact card to a person, which is quite helpful as it allows anyone to save the contact with a single tap.

But if you are not interested in saving the contact in your phone book, you can simply Tab on the vCard which will open another WhatsApp screen where you will be able to message that person.

You could do this earlier as well but the newer version notify you that the number belongs to a vCard, you can see the name of the vCard and get the option to save it.

So, this is how you can send someone a message on WhatsApp without saving their phone number. I know this does not work in every scenario since most of the time you will have to manually type someone’s number to message them, and in that case, installing in an would be a much feasible option.

Having said that, the limitation of not being able to message someone who is not in the list is for our own benefit, imagine getting dozens of messages on WhatsApp from Random numbers what is promoting a product or service.

Though, A lot of people still do this kind of thing, but, with this limitation, they get an extra layer of effort which prevents them from messaging a lot of people

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