9 Smart Uses of Your Camera Phone You Didn’t Know

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All you wanted in life was to own a camera phone, and what you do with it now? Take selfies, do Dubsmash and Instagram your food. Do you really think these are the only reason there is a camera on your phone?

We are listing few things you can do with your Camera phone

Photo Credit: The Fair Kitchen
Photo Credit: The Fair Kitchen

1 Take a photo of your fridge to know what do you need to buy when you are in a grocery store next time. This is helpful if you really hate using To-Do apps for such tasks.

2. Take a photo of the parking area to know where you parked your car. Why put a strain on your brain to memorize where did you park your car? It’s helpful.

Photo Credit: Popular Mechanics

3. Take a picture of a Gadget/Electronic before dismantling it, or better, take photos of every step, so that you don;t get in trouble when it’s time to reassemble.

4. Take a photo of something interesting every day, different things obviously. Like, when you are visiting the Doctor, or going to the Bank. If you ever need to find what date you visited the doctor or bank. the Mera Data in your photo will be helpful. It’s in details.

5. Scan physical photos and documents using your camera, Evernote does a geat job in scanning documents, and it also saves them so that you can access from anywhere you want. Learn more about Evernote.


6. Translate Traffic Signs, Billboards etc in a foreign country using your camera with Google Translate. It translates things on the go, it’s going to save a lot of problems when you are travelling in a new country.

7. Grab text of a document or banner by taking a photo using your camera from Google Keep. It uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to recognize text in the images and produces texts that can be edited and copy pasted into other apps. More cool thing Google Keep can do ➝

8. Use your camera for scanning barcodes and QR codes by installing a third party app from Play Store. QR Codes are an easy way to send information. Many Business Cards have got QR codes that can be scanned to add to your contact list.

9. Become a Citizen Journalist by using your camera to report/broadcast something to the World. There are services like Periscope by Twitter, Meerkat and Facebook Mentions that let you live broadcast yourself to the world easily.

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