How to transfer music from iTuines to Android

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Although it is very rare to see people downloading their music and saving offline on your mobile phones, there still are a few people who prefer to do it despite various streaming services available like, Spotify, Google music, etc.

So if you belong to the category of people who have saved their music on Apple iTunes and have recently shifted to Android, in this article we will learn how we can transfer music from iTunes to an Android, because it’s a little technical.


How to transfer music from iTunes to Android smartphone Wirelessly

iTunes is available for both Windows PC, and Mac, but the method is pretty much similar on both platforms.

★ Assuming you have already got the iTunes installed on your Windows 10 computer, launch it and then click on Edit.

★ When more options appear, find the Preferences, and click on it.

★ A new popup window will appear, in the general tab make sure you check the checkbox ‘iCloud Music Library‘. Then click on Ok to close the popup window.

The next step would be to head to File > Library > Update iCloud music library.

Once you do that, install and open the Apple Music app on your Android smartphone.

You can tap on ‘Library‘ to see the entire music library appearing on your Android Smartphone.

Although it will depend on your internet connection, so make sure you are on a strong Wi-Fi connection.

How to transfer music from iTunes to Android smartphone Without Internet

Now, here is a manual process for transferring music from iTunes to Android smartphones.

You would want to do that for two reasons,

1) do not have fast internet connection,

2) your music collection surfaces the Free iCloud storage. 

You would require a USB cable to connect your smartphone with your computer and follow the steps mentioned below.

★ Connect your smartphone to the PC using a USB cable, so that you can access the files on your smartphone from your computer.

* some smartphones would require you to select an option to transfer media files, 

★ Copy paste the file path into the Windows folder Explorer: C:\Users\(yourusername)\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media

*yourusername should be your admin name

★ You will find all your music files inside the folder, all you need to do is copy it and paste it on your smartphone’s storage.

So this is how you can transfer your music collection from iTunes to your Android smartphone.

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