What Song is this? Find Any Song Just from Its Tune

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You might be a music lover and you might be knowing a lot of music but there are millions of songs, and you really can’t know all of them.

In the age of the internet, we have access to all these songs, thanks to YouTube and a lot of other music streaming services available.

But sometimes, you come across quite a catchy tune used in a Facebook video, YouTube video or an Instagram video, and there isn’t really any information about what music it is.

If you find yourself in such situations where you are curious to know about a particular tune that you come across while browsing your social media feed, there are few ways you can find out about that exact song.


Shazam is one of the most popular apps for this particular thing that has been there from last one decade, and the app is available for smartphones so you can have them installed on your phone keep it turned on and then play the tune.

Shazam will record a part of it, and they will match it to their database to find out about that song.

Most of the time it comes back with accurate results.


It is similar to Shazam. You can do music search and play music inside the app they are over 300 million users who are using the SoundHound app.

The good thing about these apps is that you can even hum the song if you do not have it with you, although it is not as a quiet as playing the original clip containing the music, you can be hopeful if you do not have anything with you.

Use Google Assistant

If you are not that much of music freak, and you do not want to install another app on your mobile phone, maybe because of the low storage available on your smartphone, perhaps some other reason, you can use Google Assistant to find the tune that is playing.

You can Trigger Google Assistant by saying ‘OK Google’ or you can trigger it by tapping the button on your mobile phone, once it is triggered you can ask Google Assistant to find what song it is.

After getting the command, Google Assistant tries to listen to the audio that is playing around you, uploads and tries to match it to its database.

The good thing is that Google also has got a massive database of millions of songs combined from Google Play music and YouTube, and tries to come up with a positive result.

I tried it several times, and it has worked seamlessly.

Do you remember the lyrics?

Maybe you do not remember even the tune of it, and perhaps you remember eyeliner to from the song, you can still make use of the internet to find that particular song.

Type the lines you remember inside Google, and try to scan through the results, if it is not on the first page you can try going to the second or third or fifth page, but if it is not even on the 5th page I would suggest you stop going further,

And probably post your query, on question answer sites such as Quora. It is quite an active community with quality answers.

I know finding a particular song just by writing a line or two from the song isn’t the most intellectual conversation that will be there on Quora, but you certainly will find your answer, if there any such song exists.

Used Reddit thread r/NameThatSong

Reddit is a vibrant community where there are a lot of people with a different type of hobbies, each having their threads.

And one of the thread is r/NameThatSong, and as the name suggests it is a thread where you can post about finding a song, it can either be a tune, or it can be some part of the lyrics, the community will try to find the song for you.

It is probably The Last Resort for finding the particular song. If you still didn’t get the song you are looking for, I would suggest you forget about it and move on.

Or maybe if you love this song you will listen to it again somewhere and this time, make sure you record the tune or keep your Google Assistant ready so that you can listen to it and find out about this song.

I hope you find this useful. More articles can be found on the blog.

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