How to Download iOS 16 Developer Beta on your Supported iPhone Right Now

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Apple has just introduced the next version of the iOS which powers the iPhone.

It has some exciting features. My personal favourite is there ability to use the Keyboard while using the Dictation feature.

It makes it super convenient to build sentences by making changes with the Keyboard.

Another feature I liked is the Customization options for the Lockscreen. Now you can add more information on the lockscreen.

Notifications also appear at the bottom, making it easy for bigger iPhone users for one hand operation.

I also like that you can remove background from photos in just a tap.

There are many more features Apple hasn’t mentioned and I’ll have to find out while using it.

Mind you, the iOS 16 is still in its Developer beta phase. Which means. It’s full of bugs and issues. It’s just available for developers to test out their apps.

But I didn’t find any majority issues with it so far.

How to download iOS 16 Developer Beta?

The question is. How you can download the iOs 16 Developer Beta.

For that, you need to have a developer account. Which is a paid membership of $100/year.

But you can still download it even if you are not a developer. Here’s how.

Whenever there’s an update from Apple for your iPhone, you get a notification if you have enabled Automatic Updates in the General area in Settings of your iPhone.

For getting the notification for download a beta version of the update. Apple offers a beta profile. Which is a small downloadable file that can be installed on your phone.

Once it is installed, you can get the notification to download the beta software. The Beta profile can be downloaded from this page.

Sadly it won’t be available if you don’t have a developer account with Apple.

So the workaround is to get the Beta Profile froma third party source. I downloaded it from Beta Profiles, which puts up beta profiles for different Apple devices. You need to open the website in the Safari browser of your Apple device. your iPhone in this case.

Download qnd install the profile and check for Software updates in General from Settings of the iPhone.

You will be notified to download the iOS 16 Developer Beta update. Which is approx 5.27GB.

Note: Make sure to backup your iPhone data before upgrading it to iOS 16 Developer Beta as It may format your mobile. Although it didn’t in my case. But better have a backup than regretting later.

The downloas and install process is going to take a while, depending on your internet speed and iPhone model.

Once done you can enjoy the new features of the iOS 16.

Since you will install the beta software on your device. The updates will be more frequent and with each update, the iOS 16 will get more refined.

So, if you encounter an issue, have patience and wait for another update which will probably fix the issue.

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