How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

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It seems like the trend of having the dark mode in apps is not going anywhere anytime soon.

We have seen the Dark Mode in so many apps from Google, and you also got reports that Facebook soon will be bringing the Dark Mode to WhatsApp as well, Although we have already retainer guide how to enable dark mode in WhatsApp, well, kind of.

But if you use Facebook Messenger, then he is good news, you can enable dark mode in Facebook messenger a right away. However, there is a trick to it.

You need to follow the exact steps mentioned below to unlock the Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Make sure your Facebook messenger is up to date, you can go to the Play Store to see if it is updated.

Step 2: Open a chat message of any of your Facebook friends.

Step 3: You have to send an emoji from the Facebook Messenger App, it’s the half moon emoji which looks something like this ➜ 🌙

Step 4: Once you have sent the half moon emoji to your friend, you will find A popup message on the top of the Facebook Messenger App saying that you have unlocked the night mode

Step 5: It will also give you the option to enable dark mode from the settings area; you have to type on the toggle button to allow Dark Mode. Once you are done with it, everything will turn black.

So this is how you can enable dark mode in the Facebook Messenger App since Facebook has started rolling out the Dark Mode, It is good news for the WhatsApp Messenger users as well because Facebook also owns it and it could be assigned that the update is not far away for WhatsApp as well.

Why would anyone want the Dark Mode?

Google has reported in one of their blog post that using dark mode can increase battery efficiency, and it is especially useful for smartphones having OLED screen.

Apart from conserving the battery, it is also useful in nights, so that you don’t have eye strain when you are using these apps while laying in bed.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have options, you can quickly get bored of the same color layout so now you have the choice to switch between dark and light mode. Find more articles on Dark Mode in apps

Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can enable to the dark mode in Facebook Messenger.

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