5 Best iMovie Alternatives for Windows Computers

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Video editing is an extensive-term. One can either be editing videos for big media houses. For example, an influencer would want to create videos for their social media profiles or a YouTuber looking for the best video editor for editing their vlogs.

If you are looking for Pro tools, this is not an article for you. Instead, in this guide, we will list some lightweight software that can run smoothly on mid-range affordable laptops/desktops.

This article is more like listing iMovie like software for Windows computers.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor a perfect example of a well-balanced video editor with simplicity and features.

It is light enough to be easily operated on mid-range computers. In addition, it has all the feature anyone would require to cut their videos for various use cases.

You can download it for free.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is another great video editing software available for Windows. It’s also similar to the iMove of Mac computers.

If you have a laptop with not so great configuration, this lightweight video editor would be the best solution for video editing.

Cyberlink Power Director 

Cyberlink Power Director has been there for Windows for a long time. It’s UI (User Interface) is not as modern as Filmora and Movavi, but it still has easy to understand UI.


Camtasia is mainly an app for creating screencasts, and the video editor is just a part of it. However, you can still use it for editing long videos.

I’ve used it for years for creating videos for YouTube.

It’s a little expensive than rest of the Video editors i mentioned in this list. But If you are looking to create professional tutorials, you should consider getting this premium tool.

Don’t use the following Video Editors if you have an Mid-Range Budget Windows Laptop / Desktop

Da Vinci Resolve

Although Da Vinci Resolve video editor can be downloaded for free, it is not for mid-range budget Windows laptops.

It’s heavy and complex and requires a bit of learning to use it properly. It’s easy for people to recommend this for video editing, but it’s not the best for everyone.

If your objective is to create home videos, vlogs or social media content, where you simply have to add a few clips, add text and filters to make it look pretty. You don’t need a software as complex as this.

Adobe Premier Pro

The same goes for Adobe Premiere Pro. Many folks ask me whether they should use Adobe Premier Pro as some influencer creator or YouTuber suggests it.

This is both, an expensive and a complex video edting software. And if you are looking for an iMove alternative, you probably are looking for a rather simple and straightforward software, which Adobe Premier Pro is not.

Vegas Pro

If you ever get recommendations for using Vegas Pro, you should ignore it. I used it for a while, for like six months, and it was my worst time editing videos.

The UI is complex, the software is heavy, and the rending time of videos (exporting time) is awful.

On a side note, if you have a computer that cannot handle even the lightweight video editors like Filmora and Movavi, don’t worry. You can still use your Android mobile for video editing.

And if you are shooting videos from your Mobile phone, that would be even better. Check out Video editing apps for Android.

Also, here is a helpful guide for creating better videos using your mobile phone.

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