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Over one billion people are now using WhatsApp on a daily basis, and for a good percentage of it has WhatsApp as their primary communications.

Though everyone is an expert at using WhatsApp, we want to show you some tips that will help you use the messaging service in a better, far better way.

Use WhatsApp from Desktop

From last few years, there were a lot of people, including me, who wanted to find a way to use WhatsApp from Desktop. Though, there were ways to do that in the past, none of them were official, leaving users at risk of getting their PC injected with virus and trojans.

WhatsApp recently introduced ‘WhatsApp for Web’, it lets you use your WhatsApp from Desktop. They have been adding more functionalities since then.

You can now, change Status, Profile Pictures, Mute Conversations etc directly from the PC.

Doing this saves a lot of time when you are on PC most of the time and your phone is away.

The Possible Ways You Can Use WhatsApp on PC

Set Different Notification Tones for Groups and Individuals


By default, the WhatsApp Notifications are same as SMS notifications, and the majority of people doesn’t bother to change it to something else.

You can set different Notification Tones for Groups and Individuals so that you know what kind of message it is based on the Notification Tone you hear.

Group Messages mainly MEMEs, PJs and Forwarded Messages, you might want to give them a skip for a few minutes or hours, depending on how busy you are.

Mute Individual Conversations

To take our previous point one step further, you can now mute individual conversations just like you could mute Group Conversations.

This comes handy when you are friends with a chatter, whose lone job in the world is to message you.

Setting Your Privacy Levels


After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, it introduced new privacy settings to WhatsApp. You can not set who can see your ‘Last Seen’
Your Status and Your Display Picture.

There are three levels to choose from, ‘Nobody’, ‘Contact List’, ‘Everyone’. You can do this individually to all the three things.

Disable ‘Read Receipts’ for Individual Conversations

WhatsApp brought a lot of criticism when they brought that ‘Double Tick in Blue Color’ which means the Reciever of the messages has read your message.

WhatsApp has to add an option to disable that, which makes it helpful to avoid the liability of replying after reading the message.

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Switching your WhatsApp Account to a Different Phone Number


If you are planning to change your phone number for some reason, you can always create another WhatsApp account on it, its free right?

Yes, but what about those Groups you are added in. There are Family Groups, Old School Groups etc where it might be a task to get added again.

The simple solution to this problem would be to Switch your existing WhatsApp account to a different phone number. You will remain added in all the groups.

This saves a lot of time if you are added in too many groups and you don’t to follow up with admins asking them to add you back.

Essential Tips to Prevent Your WhatsApp Account

Keep a watch of the WhatsApp Web Tab

Beware that anyone who gets access to your WhatsApp on your phone can use this feature to access your WhatsApp from PC, even when you are not around, and as long as your phone is connected to the Internet.

It is advised to keep checking the WhatsApp Web Tab every now and then and log out from Active Sessions that seem Suspicious.

Never share WhatsApp confirmation code with anyone

Few instances have come to an occurrence where girls were asked by their friends and even acquaintances for the codes sent for Confirming the installation of WhatsApp on a new device.

What they used to do is, they try installing WhatsApp on their devices using the Victim’s number and ask for the confirmation code. Once the code was given, the WhatsApp Account is hijacked until the Victim claims it back by reinstalling WhatsApp on their device.

This is it, for now, we will add more when we find more, or you can tell us if you’ve got anything to share. We will add it here.

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