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Techtippr.com offers the opportunity of writing for the website and showcasing your talent.

If you are a tech lover and is someone who wants to help people implement the technology in their lives for a faster workflow, and live a better life and quality life, you are welcome aboard.

Our aim is to help people solve their tech problems, buy the right tech products and make their lives better.

What does it take to become a Techtippr writer?

Over the period of 3 years, we have written a lot of guides that help people around the world and takes us closer to our goals.

The number of published articles are less than other websites in the tech field, but our focus is more on quality than quantity.

If you agree on the ‘quality beats quantity’ part then Techtippr needs you. We need you to help us more quality articles for the readers.

Now, what does quality mean? It can mean different things for different people, But for us, quality means it should be the last article a person has to read to solve their problem.

Doesn’t matter how small of a problem it is, or how short the article is, the purpose should be solved.

Also, you should have a better knowledge of the English language and know basic writing skills.

Don’t worry about a few typos in the article rather worry about how readable and understandable a sentence is. A badly form sentence can turn the reader off.

Also, don’t worry about not having the prior experience for writing, we all start from somewhere.

And, Techtippr.com could be your somewhere, you will be assigned an Editor, you will give you feedbacks on your writing and will help you on crafting better articles.

Will I get Paid for writing for Techtippr?

Well, we too believe in rewarding the efforts, and would surely consider giving you a permanent spot of a writer, but a few of your articles are going to be your test, or say training period.

Once you pass your training, you will get rewarded for your writing efforts.

But remember, TT, as we call it, in short, is a tiny startup in the corner of the internet, we would consider people passionate about writing and solving problems rather than people trying to make a quick buck on the internet by writing a few gigs.

If you feel you are the right person to be a part of the Techtippr.com editorial team, hit us up on Facebook Messenger, and start a conversation with,


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This way, you will get a response faster than saying just Hi, and waiting for our response.

Please Note: We are not looking for people who want to guest post on the blog.