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I am a big fan of tools that speed up my work, so that I can become more productive. 

On the blog, I have shared quite a lot of useful tools for that. 

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Write Faster (and Better) with Voice to Text Tools

Here is another cool tool that will let you write anything without actually typing on your keyboard. The best part is, it works on mobile phones as well. 

And it is quite useful on smartphones, because you can’t really type fast on virtual keyboards.

The tool is called Audio Scribe from Dictanote. It is actually from the same developers who have created this amazing chrome extension called VoiceIn

The VoiceIn Chrome extension gives you real time transcription, just like like you get in Google Docs Voice Typing, because it uses the Google speech to text API.

Voice to Text Powered by AI

Audio Scribe, is powered by AI, which does an amazing job at transcription. This tool also fixes your random words into sensible sentences using the AI.

Currently, there is no app which you can install on your mobile phone so the Web App will be accessible on any web browser but for iPhones it only supports the Safari browser.

Simply open, sign up and find Audio Scribe in the left sidebar (on desktop) and on bottom right (on Mobile), tap on the record button (allow the browser to use microphone) to start recording your audio. 

The free version let’s record audio for three minutes. An order then automatically stops and start transcribing and giving you a formatted output.

If you subscribe to their Pro plan, you will get to record 15 minutes of audio at a time, with some more functionalities which you can check out on their subscription page.

A Tool Similar to AudioScribe

Previously, I have shared a similar tool called Audio Pen which works exactly like this one. I’m surprised it took so long for the developers to replicate something like that. 

Well, these both the web apps are quite amazing, especially because they are accessible on smartphones and you can talk into your microphone. Whatever idea you have and it will format it nicely so that it makes sense to you when you read it after a few days.

The Limitations of AudioScribe (and Similar Tools)

The only issue is the default formatting option in the free version is too restrictive and sometimes summarise your audio way differently than you would want it to.

And yes, the developers have solved this problem by offering the solution. But the solution is behind the pay wall. You have to subscribe to their provision to get these options.

If you’re okay using the free version, it’s still great to simply note down something that is in your mind and you don’t want to type using the keyboard. In fact, if you write long form content on social media platform or on a blog, this can be really useful.

Use my Custom Shortcut – Dictation Pro

But if you don’t want that limitation and on an iPhone here is an iPhone shortcut that I created for myself. I have named it dictation Pro and it works quite similar to these web apps.

But instead of having a limitation of only three minutes of recording, you can use it to transcribe after 30 minutes of audio. It will transcribe and format it and then automatically save it in your notes app on your iPhone..

The only thing required is Open API key, and you will be charged of your usage. Here are the plans from the open AI pricing page

GPT-4With broad general knowledge and domain expertise, GPT-4 can follow complex instructions in natural language and solve difficult problems with accuracy. Learn about GPT-4$0.03 / 1K tokens$0.06 / 1K tokens
8K context$0.03 / 1K tokens$0.06 / 1K tokens
32K context$0.06 / 1K tokens$0.12 / 1K tokens
GPT-3.5 TurboGPT-3.5 Turbo is optimized for dialogue. Learn about GPT-3.5 Turbo
4K context$0.0015 / 1K tokens$0.002 / 1K tokens
16K context$0.003 / 1K tokens$0.004 / 1K tokens
Audio modelsWhisper can transcribe speech into text and translate many languages into English. Learn about Whisper
Whisper$0.006 / minute (rounded to the nearest second)
Older modelsWe continue to improve our models and periodically retire older, less used models. View pricing and info for older models

Here is a simple calculation for you, like how much will it cost you for one minute of audio transcription. 

Download My custom iPhone shortcut from this link, It costs $1, and you can have it for the lifetime. The API cost will depend on your usage, but it will be still way less than the monthly subscription plans of these web apps.

I am personally comfortable paying for what I am using or getting an unlimited plan rather than subscribing to another monthly plan. If you feel the same and you own an iPhone, you can use the Dictation Pro iPhone shortcut.

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