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Here is a new way to speed up your content creation Workflow. The artificial intelligence tool is free to use for everyone who has got a google account. Continue reading the article to know more how it work and how you can you utilise it.

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Google’s Help Me Write

Google is rolling out the ‘Help Me Write’ feature to Gmail and Google Docs. This feature can help you write emails, create outlines, write poems, and much more. It is available for free to everyone as part of the Google Workspace suite of productivity apps.

How to use ‘Help Me Write’ Feature

To use Help Me Write, simply open a Gmail or Google Docs document and click on the “Help Me Write” button.

Using it inside Gmail

When you click on compose email and then click on the body of the email to write, the help me right feature will be available at the bottom when you click on it you will get an in popup, well you can ask it to write an email, it can be about anything.

For example, I asked with to write a cold email to pitch my services. You can do the same if you have got a product or service and you want to pitch it to potential clients.

Using it inside Google Docs

Using this feature inside google docs is the most fun. Google docs is already an awesome product from Google. It has got voice typing feature which leads you talk into the microphone and it converts your voice into words like magic.

But it is not perfect, sometimes it doesn’t recognise some words, for gets capitalisation or even misses a word. But with help me right feature combined you can use it as a content creation tool.

But this tool can also be used by other people as well. If you are working in a corporate job or your a student you can ask it to create an outline for a presentation your preparing or maybe and outline for an essay you have to write then you can feel in the details yourself.

When you open Google Docs you will find the icon appearing somewhere on the left hand side. When you click on it and in popup appears when you can write your prompt.

For example you can ask it to write a poem that rhymes and it’s about global warming, and it will generate a fairly nicely written poem that actually rhymes.

Here are some additional details about Help Me Write

Help Me Write is a powerful tool that can help you improve your writing skills. It is easy to use and available for free to everyone with a Google account.

  • It uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback on your writing.
  • It can help you identify and correct grammar errors, improve your style, and make your writing more concise.
  • It can also help you find the right words to express your ideas.
  • Help Me Write is constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

Not only it can help you write better it can also help you right faster. Possibilities are endless your imagination is your only limitation.

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