Best Window Management / Split Screen Tools for Mac

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When working with a large project, it’s important to be able to see all of the parts at once. But it can be difficult if you’re trying to do that on a small screen.

Thankfully, there are apps that allow you to simulate the split screen on your Mac. These tools offer more screen real estate and help you work faster and more efficiently.

A lot of people like to use two monitors to manage their workflow and multitask more efficiently. But some people don’t have the budget or space for an additional monitor, so they struggle with managing their workflow without being able to bring multiple apps onto one screen.

Best Split Screen Tools for Mac


Magnet is it perfect solution for quickly arranging multiple Windows in a split screen. You can assign hotkeys, or edges of your screen to activate a certain split screen.

There are different ways to set up your screen using your keyboard or your track pad. Since I used it on my MacBook Pro I use my trackpad to quickly arrange multiple windows.

It is a lot in Apple’s list of productivity apps, with a 4.9 start ratings.

Pricing of the apps is also no confusing, as you can get the app for $7.99

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Mosaic is the one that I have used extensively. It is also a great tool how to manage multiple Windows and be productive.

Although it’s a little expensive then the magnet app app, it has more features to offer, more options for you to setup multi window screen.

You can learn more about it in its detailed review written by me here.


This utility is little different from what the other two splitscreen utilities I have mentioned in this article.

But good thing is that you can use this utility in addition to other two apps for an even better organisation and getting more productive.

This utility doesn’t give you split screen options but would rather hide the windows at the corner of the screen, which is much better than minimising it because bringing it back to the screen only takes per gesture.

So, this utility can be helpful in making a web page in a window disappear when you don’t need it and you just have to hover over it if you want to reference something from that page.

Price: $6.99

So these were 3 apps that can help you be more productive when you are using a single screen, by allowing you to take advantage of this split screen method.

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