Two Monitor Support on M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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I recently purchased the M1 Pro-based MacBook Pro 16, and I mentioned it solved many of my problems. One of them was dual monitor support.

I was pretty sad that my previous M1-based MacBook Pro 13 supported only 1 4K monitor. However, I would have been happier if it supported the second monitor even at full HD because that was what I used. A 4k monitor and a full HD monitor in the vertical mode. It made me quite productive in different use cases.

M1 Pro MacBook Pro Supports Dual Monitor Setup

Now that I have the M1 Pro-based MacBook Pro, I have my full HD monitor back on my desk. I am using it the way I used my dual monitor setup with the intel-based MacBook Pro 13. Although it supports dual monitors, it was a nightmare to use two monitors on the Intel MacBook Pro 13 as the fans started buzzing when I turned it on.

I am using the same dual monitor setup with my M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16, and I have no issues. I haven’t yet heard from the fans. I might have to throw in a little more processing to hear that, but I am happy it can handle my current workflow.

So it’s a great machine if you are looking for a dual monitor setup. It is a 3-monitor setup because I am also using my 16-inch inbuilt MacBook Pro screen, which itself looks like a reasonably decent monitor screen.

Now, about the vertical monitor setup. It is pretty helpful for long pages. I’m repurposing mai eight-year-old monitor, which is 22 inch, full HD monitor.

Why You Should Use a Vertical Monitor?

Different platforms have a different resolutions for video content. Youtube has Youtube Shorts which is 9×16 format. We have Instagram Reels that are also in vertical format. A vertical monitor is valuable for checking out your content and refining it before you hit the publish button.

When I am not using it for checking out my youtube shots and videos before publishing them, I am using it as my notion page, which remains open throughout so that I don’t have to shuffle between different windows to see what I have to do.

How to Use Monitor in Vertical Orientation

I am not using any third-party software to use the vertical orientation. It is built into the mac. to activate it. You can go to the settings area from system preferences, where you will find display settings.

There, you will find your monitor, and there will be a rotation option, set it to 90%, arrange your monitors the way they are placed physically on your table, and you are done.

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