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Creative uses of your old tablet PC

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If you are reading this article, I’m sure you may have an old tablet pc lying somewhere in the corner of your house.

Becuase you love technology and have moved on to a better one. Perhaps you realized that you can do most of your stuff on your Mobile phone itself.

In thier article, I’m going to list out few creative uses of your old tablet PC.

1. Use it as a Digital Picture Frame

Picture frames are a 7 – 10 inch LCD screens that can be placed on a table. These picture frames display a slideshow of select photos.

Now try remembering where else do you see asimilar feature? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s your tablet PC. You can place your old tablet PC on the table and use it as a picture frame. It will be like a Smart picture frame, becuase it can access your Google Photos. How cool is that?

2. Use it as a Security Camera

Though there are plenty of Security Cameras available in the market, our purpose of this post is to tell you how you can make use of something you already own.

There is a 99% chance your old Tablet PC and fine camera and is in working condition. You can use apps like Skype, Google Hangout, YouTube Live Stream, Twitch etc to get live images.

Place the old tablet PC where you want, like the balcony or the front door, or you can use this set up to monitor a baby while you are in the kitchen or anywhere else .

3. A Permanent Place in the Kitchen

Okay, most poeple buy tablet PCs for the sole purpose of seeing recipes in the kitchen while preparing their food. But not every has to spare money for this luxury.

Get your old Tablet PC and place it in your kitchen permanenaly, not just for seeing recipes but also as a timer.

4. Gift it to your Kids to Explore it

People complain all the time that their kids ruining the photo gallery on their phone, did some in app purchases via their Credit Card and more other stories that doesn;t make it to the front page of New York Times.

Why not give them your old Tablet PC, with just ‘Kids-Only’ apps on it. And let them do whatever they want on it. Tell them it’s theirs, and they can do whatever they want. Well not literally, just tell them it doesn’t drink water.

5. Use it as a Music Controller at In House Parties.

If you are into throwing up in house parties, you know the important of music. And the danger of putting your own phone (connected to the speakers) for everyone to access.

Instead, you can use your old Tablet PC and connect to the speaers, and let everyone access it without the fear of getting your messages read or getting your phone locked.

There are many other uses of an Old Machine, you can use it where your new device is at risk.


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What’s the best way to Share Files Between Android and iPhone

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