How to Record Videos Faster to Speed Up Your YouTube Content Production

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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If you’re a solo creator on Youtube, chances are you want to maximize your productivity and record videos faster. Recording videos for YouTube can be very time-consuming and tedious if done incorrectly.

Fortunately, with the right tools and techniques, you can streamline the process and upload your content faster than ever.

In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to record videos faster so that you can maximize your productivity as a solo creator on Youtube.

Let’s divide this video into three Segments, Preproduction, Production, and Post Production.

Pre Production

Have Your Ideas Ready

Create an idea file, write it on paper, or use the notes app on Mobile. Set time aside to come up with ideas. Else it will drain a lot of time.

There’s an advanced method explained in a dedicated video. I’ll post the link when it goes live on or YouTube channel.

Shoot in the same setup

It’s good to have variety, but when you have the same setup for your videos, it will be easy for you to create them. If you plan to do talking heads, it’s even more accessible.

You won’t have to spend time changing background etc. Try having your tripod and camera set up all the time, and try automating it.

I have a dedicated video for automating your setup that talks about how you can turn off all your lights at once and have to keep your camera charged forever.


Shoot in batches

It will be super easy for you to create multiple videos at once because once you are in a flow, it won’t take much time to shoot the second video.

If your videos require scripting, try doing them in batches, and do all talking heads at once. If you have to shoot b rolls, try doing them in batches.

Keep Bullet-points Handy

If you don’t work with scripts, try having me in bullet points I want to cover in your video while making the video.

Yeah, this will help you stay focused and call the only things you want to record else. The shooting time will be expanded, resulting in a waste of time while recording and editing it.

In some cases, scripting is also helpful. It takes some time to write a proper script, but the recording time can sometimes get reduced to half of what you would spend without a script.

Even use Teleprompter, but that’s a complex setup. If you are just starting, write scripts and go through them once before speaking in front of the camera.

Post Production

Keep Your Files Organised

Please spend some time thinking about how you want to store your files so that it becomes easy to find them while sitting at the editing table.

Create a folder as your Channel name, then subfolders for each video, where you put raw footage in one folder and photos in another. Try organizing all the assets you use in videos, such as music, effects, intros, outros, etc.

Learn your Editing Software

Pick one editing software and master it, learn the keyboard shortcuts, and organize projects and effects that can be reused.

For example, I use Final Cut Pro, and I have Sperate library for each of my channels, and it has an event called Assets, where all my effects, intro, outro, music, and effects are saved. I create separate events for each video under this library and reuse the Assets.

You can even create template projects to copy-paste them into new projects. I have a separate video for speed editing on the channel. Check it out.

Thumbnails, Tags, Headlines

To develop a template for Thumbnails, I use Canva and have bookmarked the direct link to the template. Instead of opening canvas and then opening my template, I directly open the template and make edits for the new video.

For Tags and Headlines, use Chrome Extensions like VidIQ and Tebubuddy. These will offer you insights about the video topic you have covered, find other videos related to your topic, and choose a headline accordingly.

You should use these in preproduction as well. For researching a video topic. This extension can help you find topics that have potential on youtube. The premium versions of this extension will save even more of your time. You will find the links in the description of this video.

Read This Blog for More Information

If you are a content creator, there is a lot you can learn about the process, how you can perfect it, and a creative workflow that is suitable for you. I have a blog dedicated to content creators, and I share everything I learn about creating content and doing it as a profitable business. Check out Creator’s Magazine.

I also have got a youtube channel that supports the blog by adding additional information in the form of videos, so you can also subscribe to that channel.

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