Delete Memes, Screenshots, and other temporary media files from your phone at once

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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If you are someone who is always scrolling in their smartphones looking for means and other stuff on social media you are going to love this trick.

Smartphones have now started getting large storage spaces, 64 GB has become standard in the base variant of almost every smartphone, but you will still see yourself getting out of storage pretty soon.

This is why I have been recommending apps like Files Go by Google.

it is an intelligent app that helps you keep your smartphone clean by removing all the unnecessary clutter that piles up with time.

The app is particularly helpful in finding screenshots and means that they are not really useful after a period of time.

You can clear them out in a single tap

Although, the Memes shared on WhatsApp and other social media apps are not too heavy, but a lot of them can result in cluttering or even slowing down your smartphone. So it is best to have them cleared at a regular interval of time.

I am a fan of apps that can do multiple things and are good at it, and Files Go app by Google is one such app.

Not only it lets you delete Memes and screenshots from your smartphone at once, but you can do a lot more cleaning of your smartphone if you are low on storage.

A feature that is not used much is is sharing files. So, if you and your friend, both have got Files Go by Google app, you don’t need any other app to share files with each other. It is great since you are also saving space by not installing and another app for sharing files.

Other useful features of the FilesGo app is, you can delete duplicate photos from your phone. Or, install apps you no longer use as it can tell you which ones you rarely use.

Install Files Go on Mobile

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