Download Textra SMS App for Android – An Alternative for Stock Android SMS App

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The beauty of Android is that you can customize every bit of it. For people who love to Personalize every bit of their smartphone, it is a blessing.

But sometimes a blessing is a curse in disguise. If you are someone who keeps changing your smartphone now and then, then I am sure how to many frustrating things one would be the change in the user interface of the stock SMS app of Android.

The Smartphone manufacturers customize the SMS app, to be unique, that it sometimes confuses the user.

It is where I lean towards alternative apps because you can install them from Play Store and then replace them in the stock app so that you can get the same user interface on any mobile phone.

Textra is one such alternative SMS app for Android that has got all the things he would require in an SMS app.

From changing the colours in the user interface, features like, copy a portion text of an SMS, the Textra app has got it all.

Textra SMS App vs Android SMS App

Here is a small comparison between the Textra SMS app and the stock SMS app on Android phones.

App Size

Both that’s a weight around pretty much same at around 20 to 25 MB. Although the stock app is already installed since it is a part of the Android OS.

But if we have the option to disable the app, you can save that space for Textra SMS.


The stock SMS app on the Android it does not offer any Customisation apart from enabling the dark mode if you are on Android 10.

But when it comes to the text app, Customisation is its key feature.

Sharing Media Files

Apart from being an alternate SMS app, it also works as a standard instant messaging app if both the sender and the receiver are using Textra.

Which means you can share media files such as photos apart from text messages.

The app has been installed over 10 million installs from the Android Play Store and gets updated frequently.

Install from Play Store

Download Textra APK for Android

If for some reason, you looking for the APK file of the Textra SMS app and do not want to install it from the Play Store, you can download the apk from APKMirror, which is our trusted source for downloading APK files.

Download Textra APK

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