Why it is a Bad Idea to let Kids Play Games on Your Mobile Phone

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We have covered a bunch of articles on how to keep your kids from messing up with your phone.

But, kids are creative, they always find a way to mess things up. And, so are the Game Developers.

They find a way to monetize their apps at the cost of the innocence of kids.

Yes, if you thought to turn off your mobile data and wifi while allowing your kid to play a Game on your smartphone is pretty clever? It’s not.

Why Not?

Turning off Mobile Data and Wi-Fi will ensure the kids won’t be able to buy coins or do in-app purchases in a few taps, and you will not have to pay for their innocent adventures.

Game developers know things and have came up with this good strategy to tie up with Mobile Networks to actually deduct money from your prepaid balance, or bill the postpaid customers.

This just happened to me when my 3-year-old son was playing a game and $1 was deducted from the main balance of my prepaid number.

While $1 is not a big amount, but if it happens to 1000 people, it’s adds up as a whopping sum of $1000.

What’s the best way to keep this in check?

Well, since simply turning off the internet phone won’t work anymore, you might have to put your phone in airplane mode now.

But that’s little aggressive if it’s your primary number.

So, you can also make use of an old phone as your kid’s game console. It would simply have a few games and a lock code. The kid only gets the phone when you give them access to it.

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Why lock code?

Well, we don’t want our kids to hang around a stupid tiny screen. Do we?

Pretty ironic that 78% of you are reading this on your mobile phones. Are you?

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