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How to Get Unlimited Spins in Coin Master

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Are you looking to know how to get free spins coin master unlimited? You are on the right page; continue reading the article for more information.

There is a new game in town that has been making a lot of news lately. The pages from top search results for for this search have free spins and coins links are so fake that I have to keep updating this page to debunk them.

How to Get Unlimited Coinmaster Free Spins

When I Googled, I saw many search results promising to give unlimited spins in the Coin Master game.

What is Coin Master Game?

For those not aware of the Coin Master game, it’s a strategy mobile game where you get points (stars) for making villages that can be built using coins that can be earned by spinning the Slot Machine.

When you get started with the game, you get five spins, and after that, you keep getting five spins every hour.

  • You can also get spins by watching ads and inviting friends using a unique link.
  • You can also buy spins with real money, which is the revenue model of this game.
  • You can connect your Facebook account and compete with friends, which is the game’s very essence and keeps the gamer competitive.

Some of my friends have got so addicted that I keep getting requests if there is a way to get unlimited spins to beat their Facebook friends.

What is coin master free spins?

Coin master free spins is a term people are looking for on the internet who are addicted to the Coin master game where you can earn a number free spins by playing a slot machine. You can use these free spins to play the slot machine again or to get more coins. The option to get daily free spins is limited. And there are only a few official ways you can some number of spins. After a certain period of time, you get 10 spins. But people are impatient. This is why people look on the internet to find a way to get more coin master free spins so that they can beat their friends in this addictive mobile game.

What Is The Proper Way to Get Unlimited Coin Master Free Spins?

The internet is filled with promises of offering coin master free spin link. But none do it. What they are doing is, riding on the popularity of this game and making money off it.

While the short answer is, there is no cheat code to get unlimited spins in the Coin Master game, I would recommend you read the entire article to understand why there are so many articles promising unlimited spins.

Can You Get Coin Master Free Spin by Connecting to Remote Servers?

I found a dozen coin master free spin link that promise how to get unlimited coins if you connect your account on the Coin Master servers remotely to the website. It pomisses to give you million coins for free. You just have to play the game after connecting to their servers.

It asks you to put in the email address or the user id of the Coin Master game, and it prompts you to get successfully connected after pressing the connect button.

Then it asks for how much space you need. Then the screen shows some matrix-style scrolling numbers, and in the last step, it asks you for human verification, which you need to install from apps on your smartphone.

“Are you still with us? I’ll share a practical way to get free spins in Coin Master.”

It is the very reason these websites are promising unlimited spins. These are websites trying to make money with CPA offers where they get paid for every installation of the apps.

These all are fake websites, and the easier way to know is by typing a random word in the user id area.

It will still Get Connected, and it will again let you pass all the steps because they are fake. All they want is to complete the offer and once you are done with it, you get nothing. It doesn’t work.

Can You Get Unlimited Spins by using Modded Apps?

The other popular option the internet is using is the modded apps for Coin Master mobile game. And there are some apps available that offer unlimited coins and unlimited spins.

Do These Tricks Really Work?

To run the modded app, you need to uninstall the Coin Master app from your mobile phone, and if you have connected your Coin master app to Facebook, you will retrieve your score.

These Modded apps will show million coins and million spins, but you will be able to use only the ones in your real account. The coin master’s developers have made it a server based game, so that people do not cheat.

So, again, this method also does not work in offering coin master free spins. It just makes you happy by showing you million coins and spins, nothing else. You can try it yourself by downloading and installing a Moded APK of Coinmaster. It doesn’t work.

Can You Install Modified Coinmaster Game for iOS?

I recently came across many videos claiming that you can install a modified coin master game on your iOS device by following a coin master free spin link.

And this modified Coin Master mobile game gives you free spins and coins. The sad news is, all these videos are fake. They are most probably using the same script on the domain they are promoting in the video. It pomisses you free spins every day, but in reality, they are also running CPA (cost per action) ads.

It is a script that asks you to install two apps on your iOS before downloading the modified game. These websites are making money by tricking you into downloading and installing these two apps.

If you watch multiple videos, they mention different sites, but the user interface is pretty similar.

And if you look at the comments on these videos, you will find they all are positive and are made precisely when the video was uploaded.

Everyone knows it is nearly impossible to install an app on the iPhone outside of the App Store unless it is jailbroken. It doesn’t work

Can You Get unlimited Spins by Inviting Facebook Friends

It is the third popular method. Coin Master allows users to invite other people to join the game, and once they accept the invitation and play Coin Master game, the users get spin rewards. 1 friend invited gives you 25 spins, two friends invited gives you 50 spins, 4 friends and get 100 spins and so on.

If you invite ten people, you will get 250 spins, add one more zero to the number of people to ask and get 2500 spins in coin master.

by this method of inviting friends on Facebook, you can get free spins every hour. The question is, where you are going to find so many people to accept your invitation.

Even if you send the invitation to your entire phone list, there would only be half a dozen who will be interested in it.

This is How to Get Unlimited Coins in Coin Master Games

Many articles talk about creating Fake Facebook accounts to accept the Coin Master invitation and get free 25 spins.

Leverage your following on social media to get free spins

The invitation system is useful if you have got a large following on social media. Because you can invite them.

If you are popular on Twitter using Twitter to get free spins, you can post stories repeatedly by inviting the people if you are popular on Instagram.

If you do not have got a large following on social media, you can try using the method mentioned below.

Creating multiple Facebook accounts is not a tough job, all you need is

  • A temporary email address, which you can generate from websites like
  • And the Incognito mode to create a Facebook account.

While it is difficult to work, it surely gets the job done. However, I don’t recommend doing this because you will be creating a lot of e-waste, and as a responsible internet citizen, you shouldn’t be doing this.

The reason for writing this article is to let everyone know that there is no way you can get unlimited spins in the Coin Master game app.

Follow Coin Master on Twitter

I’ve seen the Official Twitter handle of Coin Mastee game offering free spins as rewards to its users. You can follow them on Twitter and turn on the notification for their new tweet that offers spins rewards. The twitter handle tweets almost every day for free spins.

Alternative Facebook Invitation Method to Get Unlimited Spins in Coin Master

You can get coin master through Facebook. I recently learned about a new method that has been getting popular among the coin master game users. Learn how to get free Facebook coins without paying.

This method also involves Facebook invitations, but you do not have to create fake Facebook accounts to get invitations to yourself and gain some spins.

Instead, you can join Facebook groups that are dedicated to the coin master game.

If you are good with keywords, you will be able to search for them yourself. But since you are on this page, let me help you a little.

When you put in a keyword, something like coin master freespin,  In the Facebook search bar, and then type on groups, you will find plenty of them.

Some of the groups have got hundreds and thousands of members. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Want to Get Coin master Free Spins in 2022? Join coin master trading groups on Facebook

This is another thing that is getting popular, where you join coin master trading groups on Facebook and trade cards with them.

The coin master game is to get cards to complete the deck to move to the next level.

If you are ready to explore this new field of getting free unlimited spins for the coin master game, you may continue on Facebook.


Can I cheat in Coin Master?

No, you cannot cheat in Coin Mater, it’s a server based game.

Can I get 100 Coin Master free spins?

Yes, you get free spins on hourly basis, you just need to be patient.

How Long Do Free Spins Last in Coin Master?

Free Spins laat until you use them, there’s no expiration date for them.

How many Free Spins do you get each day?

It depends, you can get a few spins every hour. You can also get more by inviting friends to play the Coin master game.


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