How to Expand the Storage on iPhone or iPad

With competition becomes stuff in the smartphone market the smartphone companies have become creative in making profit margins using different strategies.

One such strategy is to remove the capability of storage expansion so that the expensive variant of their smartphones with highest capacity storage can be sold. Mostly these other smartphones in that bring the most profit to the company.

Let’s keep aside the discussion for Android some other day and talk about Apple iPhones. Apple never offered an option for increasing the storage on the iPhones it has been selling different variants with larger storage capacity in case you are looking to use the iPhone for a longer period of time or you just take more photos and shoot more videos.

However, if you have purchased an iPhone with a lower storage capacity such as with 32GB variant you may sometimes feel the need of expanding the storage so that you can use the smartphone for few more months. This could be said for the 64GB variant as well.

Send this post we are going to talk about ways you can add most tourist to your iPhone or iPad.

Expand storage on your iPhone by removing apps

Well technically this will not expand your storage but you will still be able to make room, in fact, a lot of room for your videos and photos. If you take an example of the Facebook app, you can remove it from your phone and save over 500 MB of space.

Removing the Facebook app will not only make space for photos and videos but will also improve your battery life. And you can still access your Facebook from your phone’s Browser. Maybe you will get less addicted considering there will be a barrier between you and Facebook.

Similarly, you can hunt for the apps that you don’t use much, there are many apps that also have a web version which is equally good so you don’t really need to have the app installed on your phone occupying the crucial space.

Expand your iPhone storage using a flash drive

Again this is a no-brainer, but in case you didn’t really think of it, you can actually find flash drives with the lightning connector at one end and USB 3.0 at the other end. You can use search flash drive to Virtually expand the storage of your iPhone.

You can simply connect it to your iPhone and move the data to it. You can find flash drives with a 32GB capacity at around $30 on, 128GB iPhone USB flash drive would cost you around $40 and I suppose 64 GB would double your iPhone’s storage if it’s a 64Gb variant.


Not to forget that you can also move your data from flash drive to the computer, so this method also Doubles as moving data from your iPhone to computer without the hassles I’m going through iTunes.

Expand your iPhone storage using wireless devices

If you don’t like the idea of connecting a flash drive to your iPhone and offload some of your data to it you can also opt for wireless storage options that would let you connect your iPhone to it wirelessly and upload the data to it.

Obviously, these options are going to cost a bit more than the useful flash drives, but this also gives you a convenience of offloading your iPhone data to an external storage without actually having to hold it. And since the range of Wi-Fi is pretty white you can keep the device in one place in your home and stay connected to it whenever you are in your home.

This device from RAVPower is a wireless file hub, you can connect your flash drive to it and connect this file have wirelessly to your iPhone so that the data can be moved wirelessly to the flash drive. This file hub cost around $40 on and also Doubles as an external battery pack with 6000mAh of a battery.

The features of this device also make it a Media Centre since more than one device can be connected to it and the data can be accessed by everyone who is connected to it.

So this is how you can expand the storage on your iPhone or iPad or any other device that does not offer an inbuilt slot for spending storage via micro SD card.