Group Voice Calling on WhatsApp Rolling Out after Group Video Calls

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Just the other day we reported that WhatsApp is rolling out groups video calling to its uses, and you need to be on the latest beta version of WhatsApp to be one the first to get the feature.

Now, it is reported that WhatsApp has also started testing group voice calling feature, and it has already been reported by a few iOS users.

WhatsApp is used by more than 1 billion people, and the last part of its user base uses the voice and video call feature, because of its simplicity and wide availability.

Though group video calling is a feature that is offered by a lot of apps already, there are not too many apps that offer group voice calling feature. But it will be a good addition of features made available by WhatsApp, especially in scenarios where the internet speed is slow, and since the audio calls consume less data then video calls, WhatsApp users would still be able to communicate with each other in a group.

Also, note that the said feature is reported by a few users, it was also reported at the end of the year by some Android users and it was also speculated that the future would be rolled out to the final build earlier this year but that did not happen.

So it could be one of many tests WhatsApp has been conducting just to check whether a future like this would be used by its users or not.

A Twitter account named WeBetainfo highest rated a screenshot of the group audio call. That which shows the UI of audio call which is similar to the current UI of the voice calls.

If you want to be sure to get this feature on your WhatsApp as well and you are an IOS user, make sure you update your WhatsApp and opt for WhatsApp beta testing on the App Store.

From the screenshot, we can see it in Deutsch, it could be initially rolling out only in Germany all the countries nearby, so you might have to wait for this features to be rolled out to you if you’re living in other countries.

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