A Guide to Creating X Threads Posts And Promoting Them

Twitter is now X, and Twitter blue becomes Premium.

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If you are on this page looking to learn how to create Twitter Threads, you might already know how powerful Twitter X can be. So I’ll not get into why you should be creating content on Twitter X. Let’s talk about with athletes straightaway.

So just after writing a few days after this article, Elon musk, the owner of Twitter has changed its name. It’s called X now. and every feature that had the reference name of Twitter is replaced.

For example, Tweets are now Posts, Retweets are now Reposts, Twitter Blue was Blue for a few days and now it’s called Premium. X uses the term Verified on the left side bar, and also gives a notification on the right side bar to let people subscribe to Premium. Tweetdeck is also rebranded as XPro and some Pro features have been added to it. More info about XPro here.

Twitter X was created as a microblogging tool where users didn’t have to overthink about forming long from the point they could say whatever they wanted to say in 140 character limit later this was doubled. Right now, at the time of writing, it is 280 characters.

But since it is a place where almost every celebrity, politician, sportsperson, TV journalist, and entrepreneur is available, it has many people coming on the platform to see what these people are up to.

And while they are at it, they would also be using it as content consumption to enhance their knowledge on a particular topic. The feature, Twitter thread, allows users to combine the bunch of tweets to put up information in a friendly format that could be easily propagated on the platform.

How to create Twitter X Threads

To create a Twitter thread, you need to:

1. Start with a tweet that introduces the thread.

2. Add a tweet for each point you want to make in the thread.

3. You can also add images to the Tweet if there is something complicated you want to share.

4. The last tweet should be a CTA (call to action) asking The Reader to follow you for more similar content. You can also quote another thread you created similar to the thread you are creating.

How to create a Thread on the Twitter X

Although it is pretty easy to create Twitter Threads on your mobile phone, it is suggested you use a laptop because this will also give you more room to visualize the tweet, it and you also can type faster. It also allows you to form all your tweets all at once and then tweet them.

When you try to do a similar thing on your mobile phone, the keyboard obstructs half of your screen, preventing you from viewing all your tweets.

To create two Threads on the Twitter page natively, you can click on the plus icon (+) to add another tweet that would be 280 characters or less.

Third-Party Apps to Create Twitter Thread

I also discovered it an excellent tool for creating Twitter threads. It’s called Typefully, and it’s a pretty straightforward tool. Authorize using your Twitter profile, and you are good to start the threads.

The UI of type looks as if you are creating a blog post, and the only thing is you can separate each paragraph into different sweets. There is also a feature that shows you preview the tweets how they would look when it is Tweeted.

We also offer a premium plan, where you also get options to schedule your Twitter threads, which is pretty powerful for consistency if you want to grow on Twitter. The premium version also gives you stats to show how your products are performing.

The Chirr app is another excellent tool for creating Twitter threads. And it is also recommended that you use this app on your laptop instead of your mobile phone because this way, you will also be able to preview what your Twitter thread will look like on the page itself.

The app automatically splits your writing differently when you put a period after the sentence. Although the UI is not as intuitive as on TypeFulley, it’s still a good alternative.

The Chirr app also puts its features like Scheduling and Stats behind a paywall, which is not too much if you are getting Great Value out of it.

Few Tips to Enhance Your Tweets

Use Features Like Quotes, Media, Retweet

Once you have created a Twitter thread and these tips can be helpful to promote them on Twitter. Whenever you find the relevant conversation on Twitter, you can reply by quoting your thread.

Not only with other people’s conversations, but you can also use this tip in your threads. Whenever you find something that needs more elaboration and have created a thread around it, you can Court that thread.

I have consumed a lot of Twitter trades that way.

Twitter allows you to add photos and videos to add weight which can help create stunning Twitter threads. Use web apps like Canva to create stunning graphics. It has templates for infographics where you can put up information that would be difficult to put up in text format. 

Keep it Simple

Don’t use complicated language. If you are talking about something for the general public, try avoiding jargon that only people working in that industry understand.

I would instead follow someone and read their content it who would write a sentence to define something instead of using a technical term of which I will have to find the definition myself.

So if you are out there who want to create the best Twitter trends, I hope this article will help you think about that goal. 

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