Issues in MacOS Catalina and How to Fix them

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I have different feelings for updates on different machines. While the updates from Windows PC makes me frustrated, the same updates from MacOS have always made me happy.

Because, so far, with every new update has brought only joy to me, until I updated to macOS Catalina.

MacBook Shuts Down at a Certain Percentage

I upgraded my new MacBook Pro (July 2019 Refresh) to MacBook Catalina. The upgrade was quite smooth, thanks to the 100Mbps internet connection, I found that my MacBook is shutting down as soon as the battery levels reached 45%.

It is quite scary as it means the battery is losing its power, but since my laptop was pretty new, it wants the hardware issue.

On some research I faint that the SMC of my MacBook has been messed up, resulting in MacBook thinking it’s safe to shut down the laptop at 45%.

How to fix t

You don’t really have to do anything, it might get fixed on its own after a few charge cycles, as mine did.

Also, I got a minor OS upgrade, which I think addressed a few issues I didn’t notice in the first place.

MacBook Freezes While Shutting Down

Another hiccup after installing the macOS Catalina, was, whenever I tried to shut down my laptop, which usually happens at the end of the day, it got stuck.

Being impatient, I had to force shutdown it by long-pressing the power button. But at once a time when I let it shutdown itself, it failed and rather restarted after a crash.

How to fix it

There isn’t any actual fix for it yet, but there is a workaround. Try shutting down your MacBook after you have quit all the applications you were using, even the ones that run in the background.

I am hoping Apple would soon push an update to fix it.

Internet Doesn’t work on Wi-FI

Another, quite irritating issue after installing macOS Catalina is the internet issues via Wi-Fi.

If you keep your MacBook unattended for a while and it goes to sleep, when you come back and wake it, the Internet starts acting up.

Though I haven’t really tried the other way of connecting my MacBook to the internet, which is, via Ethernet cable, since my Dongle doesn’t have one.

I am now feeling like I should have gone for a USB type C dongle with an Ethernet slot.

How to fix it.

Currently, if you are facing this issue, the only fix right now is to restart your computer. I tried putting my MacBook to sleep but waking it up, but it didn’t work.

What Issues are you facing after upgrading to macOS Catalina?

Let us know in the comment section so that it can be a helpful thread for people who are looking for solutions.

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