How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram on Android and iPhone

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Instagram has recently rolled out in the dark mode for it’s iOS as well as Android apps. Let’s find out how you can enable it.

Enable Native Dark Mode of Instagram on iPhone

The dark mode for Instagram is available on iOS 13 natively.

Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your iPhone which is also running iOS 13.

Since iOS 13 has got native dark mode built into the OS it works seamlessly with Instagram as well.

To enable the system-wide dark mode in iOS 13 go to the settings then tap on display and brightness where you will find dark button. Once upon that the dark mode will be enabled on iOS including Instagram.

How to use dark mode on Instagram on iOS 12, or older versions.

For iPhones running on iOS 12 for older versions, there is a workaround to use dark mode.

Does smart invert is a feature that was introduced in iOS 11, and it is the next best thing to the native dark mode.

It simply in words the colors so white becomes black and the black text becomes white.

You can enable it by bye going to the accessibility settings and find the option under display accommodations.

Tap on Invert colors and then toggle on a smart invert. If you are planning to use it frequently by turning on and off you can also add the shortcut to the control center, which is a little more convenient than going into the settings every time you want to use it.

The other options would involve jailbreaking your iPhone which is not recommended.

Enable the dark mode of Instagram on Android mobiles

Similarly, the native dark mode of Android 10 is supported by Instagram.

In order to use dark mode on Instagram make sure your smartphone has got Android 10, and you have updated the Instagram app from the Play Store to the latest version.

Once you have done that, you can go to the settings area of your Android mobile, Tab display and then tap the dark theme button.

How to use dark mode on Instagram on Android 9 for older versions

Sadly the dark mode feature isn’t available natively on Android 9 or on Instagram, but there is still a workaround if you really want to get a feel of how the dark mode looks on your mobile phone.

There is an app that you can install from the Play Store it’s called dark mode for Instagram. What is basically does is give the mobile web version of Instagram, we can log into it and get a feel of the dark mode looks.

I know it is not as convenient as the native app of Instagram on your mobile phone, but you still get to know how it will feel and it’s a temporary fix until the dark mode is rolled out officially to the older versions of Android as well.

There are other options as well such as using modded application for Instagram that is not official, if you trust the developer is enough you can go for that as well. But I would suggest you wait for the official rollout, which is much safer.

If you’re looking to know how you can enable dark mode for WhatsApp or other apps checkout the dark mode tag which has all the tutorials available

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